This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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Howdy yall!

As John said once in a Brotherhood 2.0 video, one of the greatest things about being a nerdfighter is that we never have to curb our enthusiasm. We have no shame about who we are and what we love. Basically, I am a nerdfighter because of everything I am, hahaha. From Star Wars, to Lady Gaga, to videos games, to Disney...I'm a nerd!



Welcome to the Ning, Natalie :D

Enjoy your stay!

that is a great sentiment and i admire you for declaring it Natalie.  welcome to the ning

Hey everyone, new nerdfighter here :)

Hello Kelley, and welcome to the Ning! Enjoy your stay :D

welcome to the ning Kelley!  what brings you here?  how did you find out about it/the vlogbrothers?

Hello! My name is Casey, I want to open a sandwich shop/mini-golf place and call it "Sub-Par". I suppose what makes me a nerd is that I enjoy minutiae, palindromes, and wordplay (and yes I choose to continue using the Oxford comma). I also immensely enjoy books (I will read any book and am more than willing to discuss it), theatre (Hedda Gabler, Seagull, Spring Awakening, and other somewhat morbid shows), and cake design (just watch Amazing Wedding Cakes once).

You can't tell entirely from my picture, but what mainly brought me to Nerdfighters was this notecard I found in the copy of "An Abundance of Katherines" I bought from Barnes & Noble. The notecard was written by a girl named Sara who encouraged me to come here. I thought this was pretty great, and felt like she deserved some recognition. So, thanks Sara!

Wow, that was cool way to invite someone :D

Welcome to the Ning Casey, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

welcome Casey.  not that cake decorating isn't awesome, but totally threw me for a fun loop coming after your other big traits.

Hi, I'm Mia. I don't exactly remember how I even stumbled upon the very first Vlogbrothers video I saw.

I guess it's been such an intense experience in such a short time that I just forgot.

     What makes me a nerd more than anything else is books(and Harry Potter fanfiction, I'm afraid). I actually have a little yellow notebook full of titles I've read or am about to. Some of the books in there, I admitt, I have read only so I can quote them to people smarter and more sophisticated than me, but the most part out of pure joy. Every genre has something special in it and we should never be exclusive, but I generally stick with 1. Growing up books - especially Salinger; 2. Fantasy - especially LOTR and ASOIAF; 3.SF- especially Ender's saga and The Miles Vorkosigan series; 4. Dystopias (especially Russian authors you wouldn't know - Strugacki brothers)

     In addition, I enjoy drawing (with charcoal), even illustrating a little bit (fanart)

     I sing (not just hum, but sing using actual words) loudly on the street and not everybody on the street at that time aproves of it

    Also believe that singing to plants helps them grow, so yeah, I do that, too. Especially to my oak tree. You'll see, I might even live to see it grow big enough for climbing(it's about 8 or 9 years old now)

    I believe in doing things for the Fat Lady! (for reference see J.D.Salinger: Franny and Zooey, specifically Zooey)

One last thing - i'm glad that there is a place in this world where we can all be open and free about exactly how excited we can get about things, how much we love ourselves for being this way and just for a minute not hide it from the world. Hell, I don't wanna be something cooler, I don't wanna be appropiate, I really want to exagerate about things and scream of joy when, for example, I find out who it is that Barney Stinson is going to marry one day. I like that I'm a geek. Don't you as well?


you're right, i don't know those guys, but more power to you Mia!  welcome to the ning and thanks for sharing the awesome.

One thing I forgot.

I love sitting in cafes or train stations or pastery shops, looking at the faces of strangers and guessing their life stories. Sometimes they're hillarious, sometimes just gossipy mean, sometimes wonderfully sad, but always inspired. I wish I knew if some of them are true.


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