This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

On behalf of all the ningmasters we welcome you to the site! Check out the general information page and FAQ page if you have questions or message a ningmaster.

once this post gets too many replies it'll be closed and a new one will be created.

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Hello!  I am a newbie.

Uh... Okay, I should say more?  I'm Madeleine, I'm from Epsom, NH (small town, I didn't see anybody else from here) and I found the Vlogbrothers about half a year ago.  Now, I am checking YouTube regularly to see if they have posted any more videos.  And that is how I found the nerdfighter community.  I haven't actually really met anybody here... But from what I have seen it looks like a great place to be.

I play music, I love to read (mostly fantasy or sci-fi), and watch movies... etc.  Um.  I think that's about it...

welcome to the ning Madeleine!  sure is a great place. 

Hi nerdfighters! I'm Alex, I'm 17, and I'm from Oklahoma City and have lived here all my life. I became a nerdfighter about six months ago, so I'm relatively new. I just joined the ning recently though. Let's see, I love to run and am on the cross country and track teams at my high school. I also am in band, in which I play the saxophone. My favorite subject is Latin, but I absolutely love Literature as well. I'm a big fan of John Green's books, as well as Yann Martel, Tolkien, Rowling, and the works. 

Oh and one more thing, I'm in nerdfighterlike with the person that got me into nerdfighting in the first place!

Yep, that's about it :)

heh.  fancy seeing you here Alex. 

so i joined like half an hour ago because i found this site and i was like 'wow, this is really cool. how did i not know this existed.'

so yeah, my name's jorge, i'm 18. i recently just moved a million miles (literally, probably around a million miles) from where i used to live and now i live in the philippines. i've been into the vlogbrothers (literally into them.) (no, not literally, i was just kidding) for a while now, i don't even really remember when i started watching them or how i discovered who they were, but i mean it's been forever since then. 

i guess i'm not really into much. actually, it's more like i'm not into anything in particular. i'm just into everything, i guess. i was a huge choir geek in high school and i play the guitar and kind of the piano. also the uke. unfortunately, the most i've ever gotten in the field of video games is sims and spyro (which are both equally amazing games in my opinion. if i could play any two games for the rest of my life, it would be sims and spyro. also harvest moon.) most of the time i just lay in bed and read and/or complain about having nothing to do and/or the weather. 

anyway, be my friend :)

welcome Jorge!  know what you mean about being (at least slightly) into all sorts of things. 



Hello. I'm Azure Celeste (you can call me Celeste) and I'm new to nerdfighteria. I've been watching the videos for about a month now and I found myself agreeing with much of what was said so I thought it would be cool to join. I'm very shy but interested in being more open and involved in my community, from my school community to my planetary community. I love to write, I enjoy theater and music, computer games are an addiction, and I think about everything and enjoy learning (as long as it's made interesting and sparks the philosopher in me). <.< Also, I like to act cute by saying "mew" and leave =3 as my smiley. 

Thanks for having me and DFTBA.

~Azure Celeste~


now by community, are you just talking about Nerdfighteria, your local community or both?

Both. I'd like to be involved in every community I can in whatever way(s) I can. College has opened my eyes to the vast number of communities that I was unaware of and I want to be a part of everything that I can.

awesome!  while i'm all for expanding one's horizons and stretching out of one's comfort zone, i do hope you'll pace yourself. 


So, my name's Brendan, and I'm a 16-year old from New Jersey.

I got introduced to Nerdfighteria by my younger sister, obviously also a Nerdfighter. I joined Nerfighteria because it seems like the most intelligent online community I've ever seen, and all of the members are an extremely active and diverse bunch. It's great that such a unique group like this exists.

I'm mostly into Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. My favorite book is a tie between Marucs Zusak's I Am the Messenger and The Lord of the Rings.

I've recently acquired a taste in dubstep. If anybody would shoot me a good song here and there i'd really appreciate it. So, yeah, pleased to meet you all.


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