This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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My name is Shayna, I found out about Nerdfighters through tumblr and followed it to youtube, where I am still trying to catch up on all the vids. I am a folklorist. I love sci-fi and fantasy, also knowing random things and learning (I really enjoy research). I have a tendency to fall in and out of fandoms frequently and consume a wide variety of media including both anime and comics. I am a writer. I joined Nerdfighteria because I am away from all my geek friends, and always want more anyway.

there are a lot.  and that's just the main chan.  anyway, welcome to the ning Shayna!  i know what you mean about multiple fandoms and interests.

welcome!  that is quite the list...  how did you find (out about) the Green brothers/Nerdfighters?  was it becasue of your youtube chan?

he'll do that...

talk about Doctor Who, do (silly) stuff at vidcon and (by mentioning and increasing their appearances in your recommendations) lead you to John and Hank.

btw, have you checked out the Charlie group?

heh  i'm all for quests but shortcuts can be nice.

don't worry about it.  lots of us are bad at introductions.  you're off to a great start.

Hello, This is very strange for me to be doing because I normally just lurk places. I found out about Hankgames through a friend and thought that it was fun. Then I ran into the Miracle of Swindon Town and got hooked. In the last week I've read looking for Alaska, The fault in Our Stars and have ordered Paper Towns. I also have started watching Brotherhood 2.0, there is a lot to catch up on. Watching TV and reading are some of my favorite activities, as well as writing but I'm kind of terrified of getting started with that. I'm really excited to join in this amazing community and maybe I can help decrease some world suck.

sure you can.  there are a few discussions on the subject, there are projects like the Nerdfighter group on Kiva.  and there's just remembering to be a good person.

Hello, I'm Stephen, I have a music venue in Indianapolis, IN called Hoosier Dome.  I love b-movies and pizza.  Oh yeah and playing lots of board games on the weekends.

Well hey, Nerdfighteria! My name's Abby and I'm just a big ol' nerd. I only discovered Brotherhood 2.0 at the very end of last year, but I'm pretty sure I've been a secret nerdfighter my whole life. (Childhood nerdfighter credentials: at the age of nine, I adapted the first Harry Potter book into a play, held auditions, cast my friends, and attempted to stage a production in my back yard. Sadly, due to lack of funding, we ran into difficulties after a couple of rehearsals, but I think the attempt was pretty valiant.)

I'm a HUGE Potterhead. I dabble in other fandoms, but Hogwarts will always be my home. (Rah rah Ravenclaw!) I'm interested in the Hunger Games, LotR, and everything Neil Gaiman. I've also just started getting into A Song of Ice and Fire. (I'm halfway through book two but I'm pretty obsessed so far.)

I'm in my last year of college, studying English and theatre, and hope to work with books in any capacity possible when I graduate. Drop me a message if you're in any of my fandoms or just want to say hi! I'm desperately lacking nerdfighter friends. Best wishes!

welcome to the ning Abby! 

awesome stuff.  have you checked out the groups?  cause, with the pos exception of childhood playwrites... pretty sure you're covered...


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