This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

On behalf of all the ningmasters we welcome you to the site! Check out the general information page and FAQ page if you have questions or message a ningmaster.

once this post gets too many replies it'll be closed and a new one will be created.

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Hello Adrian, and welcome to the Ning!

Hope you enjoy the community as much as we do :)

Thank you! So far, I'm very into it.

welcome to the ning Adrian

i much admire you for having specific worldsuck decreasing goals.


so...have you gone back through any of the old vlogs?

I've been trying to watch all of them but It's taking 5ever.
So far, I have more than 200 videos to go, although, since it's a lot of fun, it's not very difficult. It's very interesting to watch the channel evolve.

Greetings, salutations, pleasantries!

I'm not new to the vlogbrothers or nerdfighteria, I've been keeping up with them for over a year now and to the best of my knowledge have trawled the entire back-catalog of videos. To be honest with you I signed up here because I'm contemplating starting up a vlog of my own and needed somewhere to ask a few questions and look for a bit of advice; when it comes down to it the motivation is that I'm terrible at public speaking (which is becoming a hindrance in my degree) and think that doing this as a project would probably help matters. But if I don't make a post putting my plan out there on the internet I'll probably chicken out. So this is an incentive to make me keep going.

Also, it would be nice to have some people to discuss vlogbrother matters with without getting weird looks from everyone. I slip references in conversations regularly to see if anyone notices them, but nobody I know in reality appears to get them. Ho hum!

welcome to the ning Chris!

i hope things go well regardless of the blog happening or not.

Welcome to the Ning, Chris!

Wish you luck on your vlogging endeavor :)

hello everybody :)

well im a carrot lol

i love books and respectful people, so i thought this would be a great place to find people like that

Hello there nom, and welcome to the Ning!

Mind if you tell us how you discovered Nerdfighteria? :)

Hi Michelle, and welcome to the Ning!

Hope you enjoy the site, we got cookies :3

absolutely.  does part of me still wonder how things would have gone if i'd somehow managed to get in on the ground floor of Nerdfighteria?  absolutely, but we all go through life on individual schedules.  it's awesome just being here now!

welcome to the ning btw


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