Hey! I m new to the nerdfighteria, can anybody help me out? introduce me? or at least be my friend?
By the way, I m live/born in Egypt but I m indonesian

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Wow, Egypt, I've always wanted to go there, lucky you!
(welcome to nerdfighteria btw)
thanks, its a nice country with very kind people, where do u live?
Sydney, Australia.
Wait so do you know Arabic as well as English (and Indonesian I guess ;))?
yeah, well, i m pretty multilingual, i can speak Arabic (born in Egypt), English (songs, movies, youtube videos), some Indonesian (my dad is indonesian), some Chinese (my mom is chinese), & some German (at school). I m so sorry if it looks bragging.

it's pretty insane to have 3 different cultures under one roof, sometimes i even get confused
Hi! Welcome :)
Cool! I bet Vlogbrothers videos brought you here, if you don't know what that is search it on youtube. Watch some videos, learn what a nerdfighter is. DFTBA.
OMG, people here in the nerdfighteria are very kind to me, so much better than constantly being picked on by racist jerks in school just because i m the only asian there. ;(
*cries of joy* thank you nerdfighters :)
I've been watching the community from a distance for the past two years, and just now chose to jump into it. So, I'm not the best person to show you the ropes. But you seem really cool. What kind of music do you Indonisian folk listen to? :D
well, indonesian music sound a lot like western (american) music, some even have a twist on its own, i dont actually live in indonesia so i cant really tell. i actually live in alexandria in egypt, and yes, music here is very different

lucky youuu..... i only kno arabic english annnddd 1 sentence in french and a few sentences in Spanish..:( any way welcooommee ( i kno i am verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy late) 

welcome to the ning Miles!

what do you do there in Egypt?


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