EDIT (3:12am): We do, in fact, still need more people. Or a person. Or an alien. I'm fine with an Alien being on this channel. It's also 3am and I should be sleeping. M'kay.

EDIT (3:23pm): We probably have all the people needed now. Thank you =)

This is a link to my video. It's kind of rushed. 

Anyway, this is an idea I had last night and I was tired. 

The idea is that we create a collab channel for new vloggers where we can just make friends and be horrible. After a year, we pass on the channel to whoever is new to youtube in 2013. 

During our year doing this, we will learn how to make videos and bounce idea off of each other and all that jazz. 

If you want to be a part of it, e-mail me at with your name, age, the day you want and then if you could post on monday or sunday. The second half is only if there's an obscene number of people that want to do this and we'll have 7 days instead of 5. 

I babble at the end of the video, you can ignore it, it was 4 in the morning. 

Send those e-mails by noon your time tomorrow. That's almost 24 hours. Thanks =)

EDIT: We still need 3 people. I want to start this collab as close to new years as we can. =)

EDIT (7:00 pm): Still one person is needed. We'll probably be starting the week of the 8th or later. 

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There are actually still 3 spots open, 'cause I've only gotten one e-mail. I know I didn't explain my brain very well. I'm bad at that, my english teacher agrees. 

Hey Madison, how old are you and which day would you prefer? 

Yeah, sorry, I should have mentioned that. I'm 17 and I would actually prefer Tuesday for reasons. =)

By the way, for anyone else reading this, I'm 14 and I'd prefer Mondays.

Anyone that is reading this, we have 2 places open still. 

We're figuring out the days later, but the other girl that wants to join wants Sunday. 

End of the week is up for grabs. 


For anybody ~curious~ to know, I'm Shelby (Shelbster, Shazinga, list of nicknames go on), 16 years old and I prefer the day of Sun. Also known as Sunday.

So... Hello! :]

Hi! If there's still space, I'm up for it :)

I'm Ra, I'm 16, and I'd prefer Fridays!

That's great =)

One more person is needed for a full five days then. 

When we get one more, I'll give you guys the link to my fb and then a group I'm creating for it and we can go from there. 

did you count shelby in??


So far that's only 4. 

Chloe, Shelby, You and me. 

I was hoping to have 5 people. =)

bump. Rawr. 

Even if we don't have another person when I wake up, I'll message you all my facebook so that you can be added to the group and we can actually have a conversation and continue planning or something to that extent. 

Out of curiosity, do any of you have skype? It would prolly be easier to use than fb. 

I have Skype. masque.of.reason 


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