NMTB, Mock the Week, QI, Would I Lie to You?, 8 Out of 10 Cats.

Hilarious panel/quiz shows from the U.K.

Any fans here?

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Good on you!

You will probablymostlikely love it.
Another reason I love the shows is that, compared to American shows who follow a similar path, they can seriously say what they want (well, within reason). In America, they'd get a bad reputation and be bashed for mocking someone's death or saying straight up that they believed God didn't exist. I mean, it's for comedic purposes, and everyone has the right to an opinion. Americans usually can't understand this. (Not all Americans of course, but the population that controls much of the media and television stations would faint if something like Mock the Week was aired on a channel other than comedy central at a time before 1 o'clock.)
Same here.

American humor just isn't like that. It's usually rather mindless and...well...'durrr' humor, which is fun, but gets old after a while--while cleverness never really gets old. QI has taught me tons of things as well.

And I agree...Simon and Frankie would NOT be greeted kindly by American television (or they would, but have to be heavily censored), because they say what they want and are very blunt about it...and you know, America just can't be havin' none of that. God forbid you be frank for the sake of comedy and wit, even though you aren't hurting anyone or trying to make people share your beliefs.

Ick. I'm getting frustrated. -_-'
True. I just wish America would stop being so stupid and let us have good shows too, damnit!
I can't think of one U.S. comedy program that incorporates cleverness. Sure, some of the stuff is funny, but it's RARELY ever SMART and funny. Which seriously sucks.

And c'mon...musical geniuses like Bill Bailey (WHO SHOULD GET HIS ASS BACK ON BUZZCOCKS...heh heh heh...that sounds pervy) have high amounts of awesome, but probably wouldn't be well accepted in the U.S.

And recently, Russell Brand (who I have rather mixed feelings about) was completely bashed by Americans because he went on some shite award show as host and called Bush a 'retarded cowboy'. As if half of the U.S. didn't already think that. Blah. Get over it, U.S.! It's a damn joke!

Maybe they were offended because of all the truth it held? Heh.
Who's Line is probably the closest equivalent you guys have to our shows, but even Who's Line was British originally. Having said the cast was nearly always half North American - Ryan and Colin were on it even back then!
Haha. Well, we were mainly gearing towards the comedy programs. This was a subtle way to start a discussion on the differences between American and British comedy.
I don't care if you don't care. :)
British panel shows are the best outlet for satirical humour, I think, and these shows in particular work well, especially Mock the Week.

And Frankie Boyle is my favourite comedian. His humour is so straightforward and morbid, and yet intricately formed. "You have the body of someone half your age . . . growing inside your womb."
It's true, to be honest, they aren't really quizzes, the different rounds and topics are just springboards for the different comedians to use... not that I'm complaining, that's exactly the reason they work.

Has anyone ever seen Shooting Stars with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer? Now that was an awesome quiz show, and they're doing a Christmas special for this year (wept with joy when I heard that)!!

For those that don't know it, get thee to YouTube!
I shall look it up!
Let me know what you think, I'm always interested by how Americans react to English humour. I live with a group of about 20 Americans at the moment and I'm introducing them to old sketch shows like Goodness Gracious Me, Harry Enfield and the Fast Show. I'm occasionally a bit dubious as to whether they'll get it, though; they have a lot of Brit culture references.


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