I saw on tumblr that sombody noticed something. The arcade game that John saw at the airport on feb 17th, 2007, it wasn't Nerdfighters. It was AEROFIGHTERS. So this makes us think about everything. John's poor eyesight, even with glasses, caused a nerd uprising. My mind is hurting right now thinking about his little mistake and how it changed my life and thousands of others.




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Really? O_o


In his defence, it looks a LOT like "Nerd Fighters".
It really does.
Now that i look at is an A. Although it very much looks like a N. Thank goodness for John's bad eyesight !
That's exactly what I was thinking!
Yet another reasons why nerds pwn. Eyesight so stereotypically bad that even glasses can't help! And here nobody ever would have guessed that it would turn out to be a hidden gift... Only us nerds would manage to turn crappy vision into something simply epic.
Haha exactly. How can we contact John or Hank to tell them what happened? I really just want them to know.
That's crazy! :O
FTL is just another mistake John made!
Where did he get the idea of French the Llama from?
Somebody, I don't know his name, convinced him that FTL, For the Lose, meant French The Llama.
It was during this past Project For Awesome... somebody used FTL in the livestream chat, and John asked what it stood for, and somebody said "French the Llama". And thus French the Llama was born (I was watching)...
The game itself is a little messed up. Ok, a lot messed up. There's absolutely no indication of a storyline, and everything is just supposed to be blown up. And then there's aliens. But then again, that's a classic shooter arcade game. So, if you're interested in playing it (my brother apparently beat it), here's the link:
I still can't get over how it was confused with "Nerd" Fighters by John! Now someone has to make a game with that actual title!


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