i dont want to dissuce wheather or not a 500 year old man and this childen managed to buil an ark fill it whiht 2 (to 7) of every animal then survie on it for 40 day and 40 nights.

what i wan tot dissuces is wheather this stroy should be children, the main argument here is that god kill's everybody and mass genicide isnt the kind of thing you want childern to be told about. but truthely childen dont register that some (alot of) people wherent on the boat. so why else woudnt you tell thwm about it. well its the message it show, and not the message at the end when noahs done somehting amsing whith gods help, and how god will never intefer again. but the message of how god just started again. which is spmething you cant do in real life, in life if something goes wrong you have to fix, you dont just bin the entier thing and start again, and truthly children could take that message from thjis story the message that if you have a problem you can get rid of it whithout any trouble. and thats not the real world, ive learnt that the hard way.

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The problem is not the genocide part. The problem lies with teaching this as if it's a valid historical fact.
God killed them because Noah was the only man on earth who lived righteously.
Oh my god, did you type that with your elbows?
So you're saying children shouldn't be told the Noah's Ark story because it'll teach them that when they screw up they can just start over? I don't know. I don't think that's really the point of the story. And I think most kids know they're not God anyway, and they can't just flood the planet whenever they need to. But even as a Christian who believes the Bible, I think this story is most likely another parable/allegory, rather than real hard fact.

Hopefully that answers your question... although it's kind of hard to tell. You might want to consider a typing course.
what I would like to discuss is your inability to spell or use spell check
to be honest i've really got over my dylsexia. and if you can understand the genral point that not really a problem whith me. sorry but i dont care for people who can only be bothered to critize my spelling
dude, your spelling is atrocious. my spelling can be bad sometimes but i make sure to take the time to spell check it. try using a browser that has spell check built in so it is easy to fix you spelling mistakes and people can read what you write without having to assume some of the things you say because the can not decipher the words

and my opinion about noah's ark is that it should not be taught in public schools because it is a bible story used to teach people about the power of god. it can be taught in private schools and parents can teach their children the story but you need to keep religious texts out of public schools if you are not talking about the text's historical purpose and relevance only
" try using a browser that has spell check built in so it is easy to fix you spelling mistakes and people can read what you write without having to assume some of the things you say because the can not decipher the words"

You also didn't capitalize any words, you didn't end your sentence in a period, and your grammar is horrible. If you're gonna be a Grammar Nazi, please do it right.
dude, stop grammar naziing (idk how to spell that) me, a minor offender, and try to correct all of his spelling errors and typos
Do you mean should it be taught in public schools or what? I've never heard of this being taught in public schools because there's no reason for it to be. And there's really no reason to say it shouldn't be taught in Catholic schools, as it is a Christian story. I'm really not sure what you're arguing for. :P
I feel that it should only be taught in public schools if the course material also covers other creation myths and their corresponding religions/belief systems. I can understand it being taught in a private institution, parents often send their children to these schools for the Christian/Catholic/Jewish/ect. part of the curriculum, but I don't think it's appropriate for it to be taught as absolute truth in a publicly funded school.

I am a product of years of church and Luthern and Catholic education, so I've spent a lot of time studying the bible. To me the point of the story isn't the supposed "genocide". Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group (nabbed from wikipedia). If you look at the story as a parable, you see that the points are clear. God sees that everyone but Noah has turned to wickedness. He doesn't like what he sees so he rids the earth of wickedness and sin with a massive flood; His intention isn't to wipe out a race of people. Also, I'm pretty sure it isn't considered genocide when God does it. With nature.

In my opinion, if you want to raise your children in a certain religion why wouldn't you tell them this story? Religious texts are the cornerstones of most belief systems. The bible for example, contains a lot of violence but the lessons in the stories are the important parts. The parts that the religion is based on. The story of Noah's Ark is a parable about following God's law and His love and gratitude for those who do. I doubt a child hears the story and thinks "Oh man! I need to go kill an entire race of people! EXTERMINATE!" Noah does not turn little children into Daleks.

I'm not sure I understand what your argument is, but that's my long winded opinion on religion being taught in public schools. Teach all belief systems with the same amount of objectivity or not at all.

Also, I think Google Chrome comes with spell check.


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