Are there any out there?  I'm a non-religious Nerdfighter and I was wondering how you came about to being non-religious.  


Personally I come from a Jewish father and a Catholic mother.  Pretty much they didn't want me to be religious.  Didn't want me to go to Sunday school/Hebrew school.  They never brought up God in our household.  Actually, I didn't know what God was until I was ten.  I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah and know the stories about how both became such revered days, but we never brought the religious understanding into it until I was older and could understand why these days were special.  Now I am 22 and don't consider myself to be Atheist or Agnostic as the idea of religion and a specific God(s) seems almost too confusing for me.  


There has never been one single aspect in which religion has touched my life besides going to friends bar/bat mitzvahs or the odd christening or two.  I will say I find looking at religion from an outside viewpoint is entirely enthralling.  I find the customs and practices of religions to be beautiful and something people should learn more about.  I just know religion is not for me.


Anyone else come from a household entirely devoid of religion?  Anyone find themselves to be a 'recovering (insert your religion here)' <-- (I find this term to be fairly offensive personally).  


As always, be nice, be awesome, be kind, we all have our own opinions so accept that people think differently and move on, etc, etc, etc.

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"I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah and know the stories about how both became such revered days..."




This is actually the first time I've met someone who knows why Channukah is a holiday. Most Jews I know actually believe that it's because of some stupid oil burning for eight days. It's kind of amusing.

wat.  Like they think that the Jews of the olden days just burned oil and said 'welp, we'll do this again next year!"


just wat.  

I've gone to a Jewish day school, so I do actually know the story of Hanukkah.

'Mankind is religious beyond any cure!' 

Hugo (my grandfather)

Every member of my family quit church long ago, each from another reason though. I was not brought up in a religious way at all, though we had ceremonies at Christmas. Yet from my own I developed a deep interest in philosophy, spirituality, religion, parapsychology and the occult from early youth on. Strange, isn't it? So my life developed into a strive for initiation: I wanted to see behind the curtain of ordinary perception. So I joined some strange cults and left them behind again. I experimented with mind altering substances too. My newest project is a journey to the upper Amazon next year with the purpose to conduct an indigenous ritual using local plants with powerful mind altering abilities. Those shamans have insights into different realities other then the mere everyday life. 

In short: I was brought up by people indifferent towards religion, yet they didn't stop me either, while your parents obviously tried to guide you in a certain direction.

It's a long story. Prepare yourselves.

I was originally Jewish. I went to a Jewish day school where, every day, I had it hammered into my head that Judaism was right, but I never stopped to question why and just kind of accepted it. Then my parents (both of them diplomats) got assigned to Bosnia, and I went to a small international school where everyone had different backgrounds. It was actually really cool. However, without everyone telling me Judaism was right, I started questioning why it was right, and realized the Bible didn't make sense to me anymore. Also, I had a Druid friend who was always telling me how great Druidism was, so I'm leaning toward that now. (She's now Druid-Mormon. No, I don't know how that works either.) I'm going back to the Jewish school next year. I wonder how that'll work for me.

I am from a Catholic family raised up in a Catholic country. I studied in a Catholic high school, and currently goes to a Catholic university. But I am not religious at all.

I just simply realized how hypocrite it all seem. Doing things for the sake of doing it, showing people you actually care... When in reality, you don't really approve of what they are imposing.


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