This is my first post on nerd fighters so bare with me.


In the middle of 2012 I plan to spend five days in Pyongyang. After numerous documentaries on Discovery channel, BBC and the national geographic - it seems to suck a lot to live in North Korea. I thought to myself that people can't be that gullable and fall for the charm of a crazy little man in a jump suit. I just have to see it for myself. So that's why I've started planning to go there and just give it a quick looksie for five days.


I plan to post a travel blog after I get home and try to give you - the nerd fighters, my view on North Korea and how to get there. I can't bring my BlackBerry or my awesome galaxy tab there and post via the Pyongyang AT&T or whatever they call it - so I'll have to due with an old fasioned note book and polaroid camera i guess. 


The first step is that already in September this year I will visit the DMZ (the zone where the north and south are divided) via South Korea. I will spend a couple of days doing my regular job as a financial analyst - looking at stuff in Seoul - but secretly I will also look over the boarder. 


So nerdfigters, without putting myself in too much danger and take the risk of putting myself chopping stone as a slave in a mountain far inland in North Korea. What can I do? What are your ideas?

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I've always wanted to do that, I'm envious. But as I understand you don't get to do or go as you please. They have a tour, and you always have to follow the tour-guide, which is probably equally as amusing as it is sad. But you don't get to have casual chats with people to find out what they're really like or to figure out what they're acctually thinking.

Yeah - that thing with casual chats with the people perplexes me some. Their level of english and their level of acceptance. I wonder to what level they actually are able to speak with me?

What i've gathered from the consultant handling trips to North Korea here in Stockholm it's not that hard with a Swedish passport. All has to do with what I work with. Author or journalist, then I'm screwed. 

But yes, if I'm able to get a small chat either in english or via a translator - just asking what they do on their sparetime would be interesting to me! Meals per day, what's their favorite computer game is or which their favorite site on the internet is. They have versions of those things as I understand. 



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