Not new to the Ning, but its been a heck of a long I need a favor

Hopefully the wonderful Nerdfighter community will be able to help me with this.

I'm Liz, I'm a few weeks away from being 19 and I play roller derby.

I've finally reached the point in my skating that I needed to be able to pick a "derby name." This is a witty play on words alternate personality that I can have. 

Ever since I even dreamed of playing derby, I've wanted my name to be a clever reference to Looking For Alaska.

However, I am bad at this clever crap.

So here you go, Nerdfightaria, have at it.


I am also looking for clever number ideas.

The guidlines for numbers are:

at most 4 characters, alphanumeric, must contain at least one number

No special symbols

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did you pick your name yet?


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