I got a note in a signed copy of John Greene's The Fault in Our Stars. This is what it said---
Dear future reader,
Here is a mandatory warning for the book that you have just picked up. Please excuse my handwriting. This book will leave you with a large set of emotions. Happy, sad, angry, betrayed. You might even end up regretting reading this book. But know that it's worth it. Meeting these characters and falling in love with them it was so worth it. I hope you realize after a while I did. Anyway, I must go. Abrupt endings are my specialty,
- A nerdfighter
Anyways I'm just here to figure out who wrote and considering it was signed I'm starting to think it was John Greene. Also it said abrupt endings are my specialty... Sound familiar....

What do you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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that's the coolest nf note ever

I love Nerdfighter notes,they're so awesome. I've written a load,but am far too....shy to actually do anything with them yet. 

just put them in john green books with your name and a link to your profile. it's awesome to meet those people

maybe.  probably another nerdfighter, but either way, very jokes...which i should probably explain is good.  anyway welcome to the ning.  hope to see you around and possiby in the comments of their Youtube videos, but it was nice to have met you in any case.

I got one today, it was so sweet to read it :P


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