So I just recently joined Nerdfighters an wondered:

Just how many Doctor Who fans are on here?

So if you just so happen to be reading this and are a fan post! Let's talk Doctor!

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Whovian here! :) 

YEAH DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!! Its sort of my life. 10th doctor 4eva :)

I'm a Whovian. What do you think the Christmas special will be about?

I love Doctor Who!

I like smith when he has the fez.:P the fez should return i think! lol.

But I love Tennant as my favorite doctor so far. 

And i'd say I've become quite the fan; I only started watching Doctor who 3 or 4 weeks ago and I'm all caught up. and I've bought a dalek alarm clock since i did need an alarm clock(my ds wasnt working for, and a Tardis mug, and a doctor who shirt that i ran into at hot topic :)

they are my favorite items I own!!

Yes! Number ten is my favorite! 

I've sucked all my friends into my Doctor Who love, too. I think they hate me for getting them so into it.

Whovians rule :P


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