So I just recently joined Nerdfighters an wondered:

Just how many Doctor Who fans are on here?

So if you just so happen to be reading this and are a fan post! Let's talk Doctor!

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I'm a fan of doctor who!!! Have you joined their group thingy? 
I enjoy Who :)
Whovian! :D
The tenth Doctor is my favorite. Most of his episodes were good and no Alex I have not... but I shall!!!!!!
Whovian. Right here.I gotta say, I like the 11th Doctor best. Tennant was really good, but I enjoy watching Smith more.
Meh Smith's ok. He gets the giggles, but not the girls. Tennant got all of that and more. I'm just a big Tennant fan. :3
I think Smith's really good as the doctor, I think my favourite will always be Tennant, as he was the first doctor I ever saw, but smith has a real alien quality that wasn't really there with Tennant.

The thing I can't seem to make up my mind about is Amy, sometimes I really like her and other times I just want to give her a clip round the ear.
I loved Donna, I hated the stroylines she was given though. To be honest I felt the whole of series 4 was a bit weak. Rose coming back (AGAIN) annoyed me and I dunno, I just didn't like the stories.
I love doctor who!!!!! <3
Big, big fan. Actually heard of Doctor Who through YouTube first. Really glad that I did.
Another whovian here! :]
I love it, as far as I have seen it by now. In Austria there are only two seasons available, so I have seen some episodes on youtube, but not all of them are complete. So I hope I will get the box of season 1-5 for birthday in december. It`s quite expensive because I need to import it. I´m looking forward for it- David Tennant is so great! Have you all seen him as Hamlet- I couldn`t stop crying!
Sorry my English is not that good.


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