Okay who would win in a fight between Naruto and Aang of Avatar the last air bender

okay my bet is Aang

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I think maybe Naruto becuase with the power of the nine tail fox, he might have more stamina and power to take on Aang regardless of Aang's element bending skills.
I mean, yeah Aang has his avater state but he seems to get tired really easily from using it...

brain poo
thats is true
Aang has the Avatar state. with ultimate supernatural control of the elements Aang can pwn anyone
I think Aang would win because of his super awesome avatar state xD But that would be a pretty entertaining fight.
Aang, just shoot a piece of rock life a bullet.
ummmmm naruto duh. he cant die because the demon fox wont let him. and aang cant stay in the avatar state forever. plus sage mode.

naruto would most definetly win for the simple fact he has controlled the nine tails chakra he also has sage mode 

depends, are both characters at their peak? are they at full power? full training? or are they beginners.... or moderately skilled? Need more details. 

This appears to be a bit of an impossible question. And, assuming that they are both at full power, they're pretty evenly matched. Naru-nine-tails is gonna grind you into a crater in the earth? Well Aang's gonna do that too.

But forget battle skills at full power. Who'd win in a contest of full power facial-markings is what I'd like to know.


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