Last time I updated on here I just finished book five which I believe was Looking for Alaska.  That was an amazing book and I followed it with a few other amazing books that made me giggle, cry, and drop my jaw.  *SPOILER ALERTS*

The 6th book that I had read was Unwind by Neal Shusterman which was such an amazing book.  I was literally dumbfounded by the ideas that it held and the imagination that it took to create such a world where parents can basically kill their children and no one thinks less of them.  The previous year while in school, we were doing a Dystopian Society project and were able to pick a book out of the four that she recommended.  At the time, I picked the Hunger Games (AMAZING BOOK by the way) instead of Unwind.  While making my list, I remembered that it sounded intriguing and put it in the top ten of my list and I'm so glad I did.  At some parts I hysterically laughed and at others were I felt the tears cascading down my cheeks.  It was thoroughly surprising and the ending leaves you hanging which makes me wonder if they're making another or if there is already another.  I'll have to check that out.

The 7th book was the City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.  I was literally laughing my butt off in Drivers Education.  It wasn't exactly the best reaction to the fact that Jace and Clary were brother and sister, but it was the first one that came to me!  In 8th grade, my friend Sophie was reading the book and told me about their relationship and I found it so repulsive at the time considering I thought Clary was a boy and Sophie described the story badly to me.  It also made me cry, just as Unwind did.  I can't wait to go and get the City of... Ashes I believe from the library to continue the series!

The 9th book in my list was not originally on the list.  My parents were not letting me go to the library and I had no books to read so I was forced to send out frantic text messages to my friends asking them if they had any books to lend me.  Thankfully, my friend Rachel had a Sarah Dessen book which I had meant to read and hadn't actually got around to.  Along for the Ride was a lot better than I imagined and Sarah Dessen keeps surpassing my expectations of her.  While a lot of people say that her books are all similar to each other and rather bland, this book was anything but. It made me want to go and hug the book and immerse myself within their little town and make friends with their friends.  It made me yearn to do all those things which I had never done before just like Eli had done with Arden.  It made me want to do something as daring as Bike ramps which I would never do in my wildest dreams (I'm too uncoordinated).  It was different from all of those fantasy books which I had been reading and was more realistic than I anticipated.  Overall, the book made me rekindle my love for Sarah Dessen and I hope to read the books that I haven't read of hers.

As previously mentioned, My parents had boycotted taking me to the library so I stumbled over book 10 when I was at my friend Aislynn's house.  One of my aspirations is to become a Psychologist and this book, The Boy from the Basement by Susan Shaw, reminded me of a story I had heard while in my Pre-School Child Development class just last year.  It showed me what the mind of a mentally scared person was like after being abused for such a long time.  It wasn't as severe as the story I had already heard, a case called Genie by most people.  It also warmed my heart that Charlie was able to find a family within his foster family and that his father was going to be punished for his actions as he deserved.  Sometimes I just felt so angry with the father that I wanted to throw the book against the wall, but it wasn't my own book and I didn't want to damage it :(.  The ending definitely resolved itself and I loved reading how Charlie changed along the way and was finally able to go outside.  I also loved how the author revealed to us piece by piece why he was in the basement in the first place and what exactly happened to him.  Overall, it was a very thought provoking book and makes me want to read up on other stories of similar origin.

Book 11 which I just finished about a half hour ago!  Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris which had been a recommendation on this site.  It was a very good book and made me smile.  It was a cute story even though I expected more comedy throughout it.  I also loved the setting how the Tooth Fairy was real as well as Edric, the troll who wanted to take over her business.  It was also cute how Edric took Christian in as if he was his own son and Hecate and Bezzlebub were just adorable to read about!  I had read a book in which Hecate was a character not too long ago which made me laugh as well.  Marigold was also a very relatable character even though she was a princess.  It's the most adorable tale of forbidden love that reminds me a little of my own life.  Horrid mother and loving father and people who think you're plain and do everything wrong.  It was amusing how similar it seemed to my life while still being inside the realm of fairy tale.  When Edric first found Christian at the beginning of the book, I predicted he was a prince from one of the nearest kingdoms and grinned with pride at the end when we found out that that was a reality.  It also made me love how their love could work out.  The ending confused me a little.  Is there a second book either out or coming out???

I am currently reading both Charlie St. Cloud and Artemis Fowl.  Artemis Fowl was a book recommended to me by one of you on here while my friend leant me Charlie St. Cloud a while ago and I never got around to reading it!  Happy reading!


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