About a month ago I was at the petrol station and this guy came over to fill up the car, and I recognized him so I looked at his nametag, then realized that we’d gone to primary school together. So we talked about what we’d been up to lately for a few minutes, then I went home. The point of this is that during this conversation, I instantly had feelings for him. I’ve only felt like that about someone once before, a guy I liked for about three years before we finally got together ... so to feel attracted to someone else like this ... it’s a freakin’ miracle. I talked to him again yesterday, and I still feel the same, I was giddy and unfocused for about two hours afterward.

I’ve never made the first move, in any of my relationships or flings. But I’m 18 and it’s almost summer and I’m not looking for a serious relationship, but I’m willing to take risks ... heck, I just want to know if he’s interested so that if he isn’t I can know that and get my petrol somewhere else :P. Also, I’m so intrigued as to whether the effect he has on me now would last if we got to hang out and get to know each other for a couple of hours.

I just have no idea as to how to go about this.
Any advice?

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i have just the same problem, in reverse.
there was this awesome girl that i met a really long time ago at a debate tournament and now it turns out she goes to my school, and now i have no idea what to do!!! good new is that she found me on facebook somehow.. so thats good.
but i think that's a first move for her :(

anyways, from a guy's standpoint it is hard to say. i would start with eating lunch witch each other, that usually works with us. Some guys are totally oblivious and you may need to beat it into them that you're interested, some not. After lunch, move onto movies or whatever, by then you should know how each other feel.

now i need advice!
The easiest way to find out if he's interted in you is ask him out. Think about it, what have ya got to loose? If he says no then you know he's got no interest and well you're where ya were a few days ago. Just ask for his number sometime or his face book then hit him up a few days latter if he wants to go out sometime, the ball is then in his court.
Also Britt I've met you and I was deffinatly attracted (hey for confessions) so yeah, I can't see him saying no.
Best of luck.


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