...if, let's say, we successfully burned all the bibles and qurans in world, and executed anyone defying our sensable and rational efforts by spreading their holy contents. I'm the first to admit that a society managing this would be severily fucked up, but let's say it happened anyway (it's not important what made it happen, it could be magic fairies that made it happen, it's purily hypothetical). All knowledge of the present day religions would be gone from memory. What would God do?


I should probably have put this in the entertainment's section... Those poor sods, playing their games, suddlenly there's a religions war on their turf. So I'll post it here. Feel free to post your own hypothetical questions too if you like. Hopefully Vertigo One ain't too busy ;P (Sorry chump, only kidding, I mean no disrespect).

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Right down to business I see. You're not at least bit curious what our heavenly father would do?

Judaisim was not being persecuted in and of itself


Are you kidding?

I wouldn't bet on it.

the romans was pretty open to all kinds of religions and didn't realy care about chritians until diocletian tried to ban it 303ad. and considering the spanish inquisition they got away easy.



Did the Dark Ages never happen? I seem to remember learning about Christianity being in a fine state of power. Right now, what real threat is there to Christianity?
He'd watch and say "Phew, don't have to deal with those fuckers anymore." Then he'd hear a knock on the gates and go "Oh fuck."
Wouldn't he rather say: "oh fock off" ;P
A better question might be: Would we recognize whatever God did? 

Most people, even religious people would accuse a person claiming to talk to God of being insane, and you already stated all those spreading the word of God would be put to death.
Even the religious could and likely would say acts of destruction similar to the old testament were natural disasters. 
If God chose to do nothing, and wait for a time when people wanted his word, we would say that meant no God.

In the end, it isn't a matter of what would God do, but who would we even notice if he did?

Well, he would have to do something really special then, wouldn't he? Like turning off the sun... Give us a scare... But that would be too easy for us perhaps. Maybe a indistructable bible could descend from the heavens... I don't know?!? o_O This is the creator of the universe we're talking about... And if we didn't even notice, then what's all the fuzz about?

God! I wish this could happen.                   o_O ...I'm not bored... I'm fine... *honestly*

Nothing would happen. We'd just go on without religion. People might try to find some other community based organizations to take part in, thats about it.

he might send an other profet.


worked before


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