"One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies" Official Discussion

Really, you can discuss anything about the book that you found interesting or annoying. Also, you can create 10 words (or less) blurbs for it here as well.

The blurbing book club will be reading this book until October 16th (if you have suggestions for a book you want to read next you can send me a message or leave me a comment on my profile page).

EDIT: This is the bluring club discussion for the specific title listed above. Sorry, if I confused anyone before.

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This thread makes me sad...
I remember really liking that book a lot but I read it a long time ago and then I let a friend borrow it and in addition to never reading it she also NEVER GAVE IT BACK TO ME.
And now she moved so I barely ever see her anymore.
But I DID recently reread "What My Mother Doesn't Know" in under an hour at 3:00 in the morning and then went out as soon as I could to buy "What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know" and those were amazing. I should probably try to find an official discussion for that...
the book was good, i was looking at what people were saying about it in barnes and noble. only a couple people said it was not good because of its content. i liked it though
I loved this book, but I liked WMMDK & WMGDK better.


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