Collaboration channels can be ridiculously fun and I would love to meet some new people. I am very outgoing...usually. So I think we should make a channel of two people who are different, but nerds.

I think it would be awesome to have a channel with one guy and one girl that worked much the same way of the vlogbrothers channel with videos every monday,wednesday,friday and challenges from time to time. 

I am a guy so the channel is in need a of a girl around the ages of 17-22. Going with the concept of opposites it would be cool if the girl was from the UK or maybe Australia because I live in the US, but this is not a necessity.

As I'm writing this I realize it sounds a lot like I'm looking for a date, but I would really like the channel to be more like a sibling rivalry, as we get to know each other.

If there is enough interest in this idea I'll get back with some updates.

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I'm in your age limit and I'm about to start uni in London. I'd like to get back into making YT videos, me and my mates used to make loads back in the day :). Let me know if you're interested?
I did read this, but I have to go do something right now so I'll definitely get back to you with a better response.
Your busy-ness does not bode well for a collab channel haha, you will be doing a lot of challenges :P
I was eating dinner...gosh. haha except for dinner I am usually quite free.
Well you appear to have finished now! So tell me more about your collab idea. Any particular kind of videos? Maybe insulting you was a bad start to the conversation haha.
Actually that is perfect. It goes with faux sibling rivalry idea. The idea is to be bickering like that while getting to know each other. And challenges to go with that.
Well I'm cool with that. I'll pretty much kick your ass in the banter department. Anything you want to discuss or do you just want to give this a go?
We could discuss how I'm letting you win in this text based argument,but you shall lose when we make videos.
Letting me win, or becoming increasingly embarassed that a girl you don't even know is talking circles around you on your own thread?
I'd say it's the latter. Sorry, it looks like it's going to continue too!
I think this could be entertaining.
Me too. Did you have any idea what you wanted to call the collab?
I've started to message you privatelyish now.


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