I just finished reading Paper Towns by John Green.

After reading the last sentence, I just sat there exhailing for a long time. My eyes were teary and I had the chills.

Thank you for writing this book, John. THANK YOU!

Did y'all feel the same way?

I am reading Looking For Alaska as soon as it arrives from Amazon. How high should my expectations be? (Wauw, just realised how appropriate that comment was, talking about Paper Towns.).






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Oh I absoultley LOVED paper towns. "Paper Town" was the perfect way to describe my own town.I felt like Margo. Looking for Alaska was my first John Green book and yes its is equally amazing.


Paper Towns was fantastic! Definitely my favorite John Green novel. I liked how much depth he gave to Margo, and didn't make her the typical mysterious, quirky girl that you see in so many books. And I just ordered Looking for Alaska from the Books A Million website, so I cannot wait to read it.

I bought it on my kindle a few days ago, and LOVED IT!
Usually I like stuff like fantasy, science fiction, action-adventure, magic worlds, imaginative new cultures, history, alternate history, and out-there stuff like that.
"But this? Kids in Florida?" I thought to myself. "That doesn't sound awesome. Why should I read that?"
But I did. And it was.
Allow me to share something:
I woke up this morning at about 4am or so for some reason. I was already about 2/3 through Paper Towns by then, so decided to read some more. By 10:30 I finished the book. That has never happened to me before! Even books that were "cooler" or "more exciting" usually can't keep my focused attention for more than an hour or so. But this? 6 hours of reading?! And with only a short break to give my brain a chance to catch its breath.
It just makes you care about the people and what happens to them. I felt as much genuine concern as I think is possible for a fictional character. I REALLY want Margo to live, and I REALLY wanted it to have a happy ending. I REALLY cared about what happened to them. I have strong empathy, but few works of fiction really gripped me emotionally like this.

Ok, so Looking For Alaska is FANTASTIC, just like Paper Towns. And i did the same thing when I finished PAper towns...I was so engrossed i finished it in about two hours. My mom asked me to clean my room and I said "No! I have to finish this book!"

For starters, and this may just be my outlook on it,but Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns have a lot in common. Not that they're identical so to speak, but more along the lines that the characters sort of mirror each other in different perspectives. Take Q and then take Miles, both are socially unjust and not really excepted, then you take a majestic beauty like Margo or in looking for alaska's case.. Alaska and you see how the two change Q and Miles. Really keep your expectations just as high as for any other John Gren book. He never fails my mind~


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