I'm an atheist. So I just thought of a great argument. My dog just had a tick, which as most of you know can cause lime disease. This brought me to the thought of why were they created if they can be such a harmful creature? That then brought me to why were spiders created? To eat the flies and mosquitos and such. Then why were mosquitos and flies created? All they do is cause harm and deaths. So it led me to thinking, if there were a God, why would he create such harmful and deadly things?


Answer me this. Please.


-Hanna Geldart DFTBA

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Files and Mosquitos feed other animals. Useful animals, such as frogs and bats, which feed other animals, and eventually it all comes back to us eating the animals, and so the bugs (in the case of mosquitos) eat us. And to be honest, if humans weren't being killed, we would overtake the Earth. I know its hard to take in, but sometimes death is necessary in order to keep the ecosystem in balance.
wow you are so smart and a deep thinker

if evolution were true, then why would such "harmfull" "useless" things evolve?

what i'm saying is, maybe you have no use for spiders or whatever, but everything alive has a small purpose. you have no idea of what affects the balance of nature so shut up


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