Ok, who do you prefer, Peeta or Gale?

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I agree with Vivian. I like them together as Peeta seems to accept it, but Haymitch was completely right with that quote.

Also, kind of a random musing, but there seems to be double standards in YA novels (maybe adult novels also but I'm not too sure on that one). If the genders were reversed and a guy named Kyler was treated a girl named Petra like Katniss treats Peeta, most people would be saying that (maybe it's sweet that she still loves him but) the relationship is horrible and Petra should date someone who appreciates and deserves her (I probably would think so too). But when it is the girl who completely ignores him for months etc her actions are seen as bad but the emphasis is generally on the fact that it's sweet that he still loves and accepts her.

I personally like Gale better in general but I think Peeta is the right one for Katniss. I feel like Gale and Katniss are too similar and really stubborn. If they were together they wouldn't get anything done because they'd be to busy arguing over who would do it. Peeta and Katniss have been through two traumatizing events together and Katniss actually saved Peeta's life as opposed to when Gale was whipped and she didn't do too much for him. (Sorry it's so long; I just spent like a half an hour arguing this point)


Yes, for me it wasn't really a choice. Collins just didn't give us enough reasons why katniss should be with gale, except that they worked together for about 5 years. They're just really good friends (or where).

PEETA!!! i've always loved josh hucherson and always will. oh his jaw line!

I know!!! He is just so prefect I have loved him forever!!!
Peeta all the way!!! Also it helps that in the movie he is being played by Josh Hutcherson. I have a crush on Josh since I saw him in Little Manhattan and haven't stopped ever since. I just love him so much. But not just he is so adoranle but because he is a good person and hasn't changed for hollywood. He is really funny andd down to earth and an overall good person which is what my dream guy to be. I just love him so much.


Peeta!  People that I know argue that "Gale is hotter."  Yeah, I guess that's true, but it's not good logic.  Gale knew Katniss for a long time and never thought about her as more than a friend.  All of a sudden he was just like, "Oh, yeah, I love you."  And he *SPOILERS* totally confuses her when he kisses her, then won't talk about it.  And then he just leaves her to go work in district 2.  Peeta, on the other hand, never even met Katniss but he loved her from the first time he saw her.  Then he was always so sweet and nice to her and taking care of her.  *SPOILERS*  Even when his brain is hijacked he is trying to take care of her.  :]  I just love him.

i love both characters, i have to say the one thing i would change though would be how katniss and gale just...that whole relationship just droped off the earth. she married peeta and has kids with him yay, (no teams man)but what about gale? I really hope that their friendship didnt just end there. yeah sorry i killed your sister...guess i just lost to bread boy over there...well im gonna move to 2 and grow an emo flap. Is that it? I read a fan fiction that basically concluded their relationship, with the fact that the love katniss had for both gale and peeta was undying. She loved them in different ways, and over all, gale was right, she picked the one she cant survive without. If Gale died, he would have died for a cause, with honor and katniss would be happy he died fighting for what he believed was right. but if peeta died, katniss would forever be haunted by the fact that he was tortured because of her. Not even tortured for something he did, but for something she did out of instinct--survive. Peeta is probably the braver guy, coming out of tourture and being able to grow back, would gale have been able to do that? Well the capitol wouldnt have tortured him in the first place, they would have just killed him off. If they were so sure that katniss was truly all teenage hormones for gale, they would have tortured him. They instead tortured peeta, because katnisses life was saved by him once, and the fact that she could not save him from the capitol--from torture in total--would have killed her even more. thus, the fact that peeta could recover from being tricked into hating his one love higlights his bravery. Gale and katniss begin as the daring duo that were believers in change. but in the end you learn that they have very different mindsets. gale wants the world to change, katniss just wants to protect and provide those she loves. When prim dies, she lost all motivation for living, and that is where peeta falls in. he gives her that motivation. that love. and what does gale do? apoligize and grow an emo flap. or at least for now, the true conclusion or continuation of their relationship never turns up. In the epilogue, assuming katniss cares about gale alot, if they soaked in turmoil that whole time, it would have been told. but the fact that she just talks about her kids and what not, signifies the slight chance that she and gale did clear the skies as well, because she would say that things didnt work out, but if they did, everythign would be all happy dandy. so in conclusion, no teams, except maybe team Collins. i apoligize for not capitolizing their names, or for any spelling errors, i am in a very ranty mood and i need to go to bed, and god is it driving me crazy...oh well, hunger games fan for eternity!

Peeta for Katniss, obviously, I always go with what actually happens in the books (like harry/ hermione shippers? what?) and I personally would rather have Peeta as well.

I think people often confuse this question with "Who should Katniss have ended up with romantically?" which, to some, may have the same answer, but for me, they are entirely different. I prefer Gale because, throughout the course of the trilogy, he never loses sight of whats important to him, he never gives up on his ideals, and he doesn't get MIND FREAKED!!!!. You can't say the same for Peeta, or Katniss herself for that matter. Peeta consistently changes, both in the minds of the reader, and in the actual plot events. He is extremely dynamic, and by the end of the series, I was confused about whether or not I even still liked him. Certainly early on he was extremely admirable, and I definitely was in his corner, whereas you didn't see much of Gale at all, only a vague sense of a genuinely nice guy, but with no real plot support to back it up. By the end, however, we have seen just what kind of stable, honorable, and champion stuff Gale is made of, while Peeta (SPOILER ALERT) has had his poor mental and emotional capacity screwed with by Tracker Jacker venom. All in all, though, I still believed Peeta to be the one Katniss was destined to be with, from start to finish, just because of the intense romantic emotions she felt for him, and the fact that she couldn't explain them, whereas Gale always appears as more of a best friend, or brother. 

Team Peeta! Gale is an amazing person but he's not right for Katniss, as she says with the whole "I had plenty of fire of my own. What I needed was the dandelion in the spring..." etc, etc. (sorry, I might have misquoted but I've only read Mockingjay once and I don't have my own copy). Plus technically, Peeta knew her before Gale did because he gave her the bread before Katniss and Gale's first encounter. :)


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