Hey Nerdfighters, 

I've had a little look and it seems that the last discussion about penpals was in 2009 ( I apologise before hand if I'm wrong!) and I thought I'd start another one!

So basically if you want a nerdfighter penpal just leave a message telling us all about it! 

I don't know if this will be a popular thread or not but I don't see the harm in trying, right??!

Basically I've been looking for a penpal for a while and I reckon a nerdfighter is the best type of penpal to have!  I love writing so hopefully after some time I'll be able to talk to people through snail mail.

Anyway, let's get this thing started, good luck in finding a penpal everyone and feel free to join in, it's open to anyone!!! 

Nancie :D

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I'm from LA and would love a penpal who is from England. I love British culture, music, TV and radio and would love to get to know someone from the country. My e-mail address is roomforabbeyroad at gmail. I look foward to hearing from you :)

Are you still interested in having an English penpal?

We all are here for a partner. After all what are these sites for? Flirting is just a way to approach that you have an attraction for the person. You can try it in many way. Directly or Indirectly. You can send an anonymous crush to your heart throb using AAfter Search box. They only disclose your identity if your crush feels the same way as you do. Here is what you need to write in the search box:
crush:your email: email of crush 1 : email of crush 2 : email of crush 3
then click web search button. Let the magic of love makes all of you happy.
I'm from Austria, 20, medicine student and I would like to find someone to write with - real letter, emails, Facebook messages, I don't care! :)
I'll be your pen-pal :)
i would love to have a pen pal. I lreally like meeting new people and have always wanted a pen pal. Email, snail mail,FB, it doesnt matter. i would rather have someone aroound my age (15) so my mom doesnt freak, but pretty much any one in teen years is good.... and i live in the US if it matters. i used to live in Texas and just moved to NW Florida if anyone has an inerest in those areas :)
Hey I'm Annie. I'm a 14 year old girl from not quite as sunny as people think California. I like Potter, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Reading (I'm not listing books cause it would take forever, but mostly sci-fi or relating to life), I spend way to much time on the internet at either Youtube or Facebook, and a lot more.

I'd much rather have a snail mail pen pal then email cause I love the feeling when you get a letter in the mail. So email me at if you are interested.
I am Canadian, not so interesting but I would love to have a penpal, especially a fellow nerdfighter. Anyone who wants to be penpals could defnitely message me. I will probably ask a few people myself.
Hello, my name is Katy. I am 15, almost 16. I live in MA. I would love to have a pen pal. E-mail me.

I'd love a pen pal, just msg me back!
So, I'm just going to be the semi-creeper person who collects email addresses and PMs people all down this list. Cool? Cool.

I would love to have a pen pal! I have always wanted a pen pal! I am an 18 (19 in January) year old girl and I live in Oklahoma. I am a founding member of the OU Nerdfighters group. I am also half robot. I love Harry Potter, LOTR, comics, video games, action/adventure/sci-fi movies, etc. If anyone would like to be my pen pal please just let me know. D.F.T.B.A.


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