Ok Nerdfighteria, 

I just made a petition for the removal of pennies from United States currency. You should know why i did this. Pretty much, we need 25000 signatures on it and right now there What I would like you nerdfighters to do is SIGN THIS PETITION!! Maybe we can abolish pennies once and for all

Petition can be found here:


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The penny is the most worthless peace of currency I've ever laid my hands on. They're like wallet cancer! The only thing more worthless than a US penny is a British penny. Throw a nickle in there too, if you can fit it! When I left the US last time I had a jar full of them... I would have given it to a homeless person if not I was afraid he'd take offense and bludgeon me to death with it.

I would sign, if I were a US citizen.

Yeah, as I said, I give you my moral support too ;)


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