If you haven't heard PETA is now handing out "unhappy meal" outside of McDonald's. here are some shots I found.

PETA is full of crazy people They claim to fight for animal rights but by putting on such a big show people just think there crazy and hate and ignore them they have accomplished very little. This is only the latest in a long line of stupid things they've done just recently the protested seal hunting on World Of Warcraft a video game were no real seals are hurt. I for one don't think scaring kids half to death outside a Macdonald's is a good protest.

I don't eat at Macdonald's because there food is crap but there animal raising and processing facilities follows all the laws.

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they could have used clothed women. or even men.
peta are a bit dimm. why don't they use this kind of thing.
I don't believe most of that is legal anymore.
here is another one about the lives of hens. i find it very hard to watch, did not enjoy the one avove either.

Yes, slaughterhouses are awful. They're horrible to animals, the animals are raised horribly, they get treated like shit, and the way their treated makes them unhealthy. But on top of all that there's all the false information pumped out. And yes, that shit needs to be blown open.
IN other words, I agree with what PETA is trying to do. But this is crazy. It's scare tactics. There is a difference between drastic measures, and the sort of things in the original post. The stuff shown in the original post could actually be mentally harmful to children. I mean, when I was little, that would have scared the living shit out of me. So while PETA has the right idea, and they care about and they're working hard to get results, sometimes they take it too far, especially with stuff like this that targets children. You know who else targets children? The people who run advertising for McDonald's. They may do better to try and use methods other than those of a company they're protesting.
or they could use more clever advertising.
pooring blood over fur was new at the time, but now they may need more subtle advertising methods. they are very crude.
Get over myself? Really? I'm sitting on my bed crying because that picture of a clown bleeding and smiling keeps appearing in my mind. That is some seriously scary shit. And I know children who got nightmares after watching something as mild as A Nightmare Before Christmas. How do you think a four-year-old is going to deal with being presented with a bloody clown when they can't even deal with Oogie Boogie? Yes, I believe people need to be educated about how poorly animals are treated in factory farms. No, I don't believe children and "squeamish" people like me should have to be traumatized in order to prove a point.

I knew about the mistreatment of animals when I was a kid, because my dad TOLD me about it. He didn't wave boxes of blood in front of my face. He didn't lock himself in a cage to show me how the animals felt. He just told me that animals were being mistreated.
There's nothing really to be sorry about. :)
Okay, you can say sorry for the insults. Apology accepted. Time for an "apology accepted" cupcake? You betcha.

That, good sir, is a Calamansi cupcake frosted with cream cheese, glazed with Bugnay wine and topped with butterscotch. Oh, yeeeeeeah.

Also: You're not going to be a terrible adult. Say something else self-deprecating and I will cut you.
When I was a kid, I wouldn't watch Cinderella because of the tiny little blood drip that happens when Prince Charming slays the dragon. God knows what would've happened if I had seen this.

That cupcake looks like it has another cupcake on top of it. ILOVEIT.
You mean Sleeping Beauty?


That entire scene with the dragon scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a wee one.
do you mean disney's sleping beauty. that so does not keep to the book.

i hate what disney does to fairy tales, nt the mermaid, that isn't a fairy or rather folktale.

the screw up the symbolism and take away the morale and make it twisted and sick in the case of SB.


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