Petition to get VidCon 2011 held on the East Coast

We can all agree that VidCon 2010 was a total success! We all know that another will be planned. Since VidCon 2010 was held on the West Coast, it's only natural to alternate to the East for next year. Many people were unable to go to VidCon because of the distance. I believe it would be a very fair and Awesome idea. I know there are many venues in major cities on the East Coast such as New York, or Boston. Please comment, agreeing, disagreeing or just any comments you may have!

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While I'm sure that there was a specific reason for VidCon being in LA, I would love for VidCon 2011 to be in the northeast, Boston Maybe?
I thought VidCon was in LA because most of the headliners were from LA.
New York, yes??? :D
there is a higher density of people living on the east coast anyway!!

come to DC!!!!
DC would be fantastic, but everything is far more expensive here :(
Well, I'd think that in bringing it out to the East, it'd take it away from all of us out here in the west coast who didn't get to go. The tickets were sold out so fast D: I'm probably biased though....
Agree! even the Lower states like FL have places to hold it. East Coast FTW.
New York PLEASE. But I doubt it'll happen. More "famous" Tubers are all West Coaters. :(
Sounds Awesome for me chicago would be best but i would totally make it if it was in NY :D
One vote for Chicago. (And I'm from Sweden, so it's not a please-be-close-to-where-I-live thing.)
Why not go to the MidWest? Maybe Chicago. That way it's split between the Coasts. I think a lot of the time it gets over looked, but it's a nice medium.


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