Who loves 'em? What have you got, what do you want?

Post pics if you have any.

I absolutely love piercings, but I only have six (including earlobes) ... a. because my parents hate them and I like to respect their wishes, and b. I don't want to overdo it.

I've got two rings through the top of my right ear, my nose is pierced, and I have a dermal anchor inserted about an inch below my belly button.

I wouldn't mind another dermal anchor on my stomach, I'm planning on messing around with my ears more, and I think a dermal anchor just under my clavicle would be cool ...

I love, love lip piercings but I don't think they'd suit me.

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Just one in each ear now, I used to have three in each ear but didn't use the other ones for too long and they closed up. I also had a tongue piercing for a few years, but took it out partly for work (they didn't make me, but I felt a little self-conscious about it at conferences etc.) and partly because it felt so nice to have free tongue movement when I had to take it out at the dentist's once :) I did like my tongue piercing a lot though * sigh *
ive never been a fan of piercings, they're ok, but i dont want any.
I've got my earlobes pierced, and I was trying to convince my parents to let me do the cartilage on one ear for my birthday... they said no. *sigh*
Yeah ... been there. I got my nose pierced on my sixteenth birthday - when you're sixteen in NZ you can get piercings without needing parental consent ... but I promised I'd take it out after two weeks if they hated it. They let me keep it. They're never happy when I get a new one though.
I had my labrea (sp?) done bak in 2000 - 2001, but at the time I couldn't find a job anywhere. I still have my nipples pierced I don't believe anyone wants to see my blaring white chest. I wouldn't mind some more surface piercings, but my policy is discreetness.
I have my ears pierced normally, my right ear has an industrial piercing, and my nose is double pierced (once through each side) with studs. :D I might want to get some more ear piercings in the future, but we'll see. My parents don't mind my piercings, as long as I don't go crazy with them.
I watched my friend get an industrial done ... you have my utmost respect. Ouch.
Thanks. Yeah, that definitely hurt the most out of my piercings... And when I was getting it done, my friend said that she saw the look of realization on my face after the first time that the needle went through, that it had to go through again. Hah.
really? i didn't think it hurt at all. getting my tragus done hurt a lot more than getting my industrial done
i saw someone with their tragus pierced, wasn't just a stud or ring , it was this skull thing with this long three fingered comb bit that went through, looked good though
oh that sounds really cool!
Earlobes and my lip, right side.
I want to get more. Up and down my ears, and possibly a nose.
But my mum won't let me get them. I have to get them when i'm 18.


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