I have just finnished watching the 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies and i'm kicking myself for never seeing them before, so now I would like to hear my fellow nerdfighters thoughts. What did/didn't you like about it? Who was your favourite/least favourte character/actor? What was your favourite scene/quote? What was your favourite movie? ect, ect.

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I adore the first movie. The sequels were okay. I think that the 2nd and 3rd movie went a little too supernatural. Although I did like the 3rd one a little bit more than the 2nd.

I love Captain Jack Sparrow. I thought that Johnny Depp did a great job with the character. In the first movie, he created the character and made the script work for him. In the 2nd and 3rd movie, it seemed like they tried to make Jack Sparrow lines and it just seemed over done.

My favorite scene would have to be when Captain Jack Sparrow tried to get onto the Interceptor in the first movie and the two guards fight with eachother. I love it! <3 I used to know every single word to that scene.

I know every word to that scene too (and the next few scenes after that).

The next scene (the one on the boat) is my favourite, along with the one on the island with Elisabeth ("why is the rum gone?") although in the 3rd, Jacks hillusination in the locker was very funny.

I thought the 2nd and 3rd movies were quite good, although I agree that they are nowhere near as good as the 1st, I intend to see the 4th as soon as it comes out.

Wow thank you so much for commenting, what you said was facinating, or mabye I'm just really boring, but I certainly enjoyed it.

Although I have to disagree with what you said about the second movie, only because I was happy to be rid of Barbossa, I usually like the enemy, but I never liked him, whether he was the enemy or not.

I don't like how they might make SEVEN (you know, "sailing the seven seas"?") even though Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom don't plan on being in it (no great loss there, I really don't like their acting). I would have been fine with the third ending. Makes it seem like Jack is just going to keep looking for immortality, but no. They won't do that. (stupid disney). Johnny Depp is the best though, so I'll only watch the rest of it because he's in it. He did give me my favourite quote; "The world isn't getting smaller, there's just less in it." The first, though, has to be my favourite. I didn't like that Elizabeth Swan ended up being a pirate, she's just too prissy for it.

"The world isn't getting smaller, there's just less in it." is a great line.

Every time I open an empty bottle i say "why is the rum always gone"


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