At my school, I am part of the planning process for the Day of Silence (so far I'm the leader).
The leader of my volunteer club has agreed to let me talk about it to the club and I have to talk to the leader of the GSA at my school. I have yet to speak to the principal to see if I could do anything around the school.

So far, I just have the idea to put fliers around to spread awareness. I'll probably pass around a few silence cards.

Any ideas?

Also, is it rude to ask someone who I KNOW is a proud lesbian if xhe wants to help?

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My school is pretty much like that. I'm trying to raise awareness for the few people who would care.
Sorry for my ignorance, but just what is this Day of Silence?
We're not allowed to do the day of silence at my school...not that anyone would if it were allowed. I tried sophomore year and ended up going to the office because someone threated to beat me up for "celebrating gay day". And I don't have class on the DOS this year )-:

Good luck, though ^_^
oh no that sucks!
thats sad.
Ugh. That seriously just makes me sad.
this day is fun but i never take part in it. teachers get too pissed...
Why do they get pissed?
cause kids use as a way to get out of a project/speaking in general in class and then talk once they are in the halls. (well thats how it went for some kids at my school)
I want to do this, but the majority of my classmates are Conservative Prop 8 supporters. :'(
I get picked on because I was a No on 8 person, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
not cool at all! I'm sorry :(


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