Hello Good Nerdfighters.

I just saw John Green's newest video, and I saw the nerdfighter tattoo. I never even thought of getting a nerdfighter tattoo but it makes perfect sense. DFTBA is an ideal I will always hold high, and so is nerddom. I mean, nerdfighters might go away, but they will never go away as long as we never FTBA.

So here I am asking for your help friends. I know there are some of you out there who are good at art and graphic design and maybe even tattoo design.

I'm going to be getting said tattoo either in June in Vancouver or in July during VidCon in LA.

I would like to incorporate the skull/nerd glasses I think and I like the idea of having DFTBA on it, I don't know whether it should say nerdfighters or not... I was thinking of getting it on my forearm on the underside. I am open to suggestions though, as I'm not set in stone about any idea other than I want one!

Let me know your ideas and suggestions, art if you have it.. I would love to have a nerdfighters art on my art rather than a tattoo artist creation, more personal. Also, I will be your best friend. :P 

Best Wishes,

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Well, I've already got one, so...
design your own?
That's not what I asked for at all... If I had the artistic ability to do so, I wouldn't be asking for the help of my community.
Haha, that is awesome. I don't know if that's what I want on my body forever. but it IS totally awesome! So good.
haha. nice.

Harry Potter, Science, AND not forgetting to be awesome? FTW!
Those are all things I love. :D

I like the background of that one a lot.
I have like no artistic skill sorry.i think its an awesome idea though
I'll have a go at making a design for you tomorrow :)
I was just wandering if you could give me some more details or ideas of what you're looking for?
Also, how big do you want the tattoo to be? I've got 'let it be' on my inside forearm, so I'm kinda imagining yours as something like mine, but with 'DFTBA'.


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