Hey Guys so incase of the apocalypse where do you plan to go?? I know that my sister and friends of mine and her's are all going to greenfield village in dearborn michigan so we'll have about 20 people there (lots more have said they'll come too but knowing them i doubt they'll make it) Dose anyone else have a place they're headed?

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prison is a good idea. it has guns n all, with long lasting ration.
I live in India, which is the 2nd most populated country, so that is a big problem. but if i manage to reach the airport, i'l fly to the Himalayas.
Maryland coast town, i have one picked out with fresh water, a farm near by so i know i can get food from it, it is also highly isolated so i won't need to worry about raiders trying to kill me or take my stuff.
I live in a town of 700 people at most surrounded by woodlands. I think i'll be perfectly fine here
I want to get to Ft. Drum.  It's secure, and I'd hate to think what my chances are it are if the 10th Mountain doesn't survive.

if I can get to my family van in time, I'm driving to my grandparents' home, after picking up a friend or two, and taking their food supplies with me. 

It's out in the country (not many people nearby) they own a well (water source) the house is small and secure (easy to defend), they live beside an animal farm (good source of food as long as zombies don't affect the animals) and across form a farm with some sort of plants, corn or wheat I think, along with a vegetable garden in their backyard and some fruit trees, and I just feel safer there, since it's famiar. Plus my grandpa has a boat, so if I need to evacuate, I can pack some supplies and make my way to the nearest lake with it. Oh, and they have a woodworking shop filled with power tools >:D



I will be hidden.  I'm not telling where because one of you might be an evolved zombie capable of using technology to find me.  I enjoy being alive.
Also we might be the type of people who would hunt you for your supplies.

There's this camp...about and hour or two away by driving, so it'd be about a day of biking (I can't drive yet).It's near a river, there is a huge forest, some cabins, bath houses, etc. I would destroy any unnecesary cabins, because you never know what's lurking there..there's a messhall and anything you would ever need. I'd just pack a bag a go!!

I live a bit too far away from Michigan to get to Greenfield, sorry.

But, there's this place in Newport, Kentucky that I can easily set up into a safe's not too far away, either. Is anyone planning to go there?


We're all hard as nails.

Just moved from Canada to Michigan, so I suppose...I could go back to Canada and hang out playing hockey in my hometown - small town, fairly isolated, and if I was playing hockey, I could whack a zombie over the head with my stick. Or drive over them with a zamboni. Life's ambition - drive a zamboni all over Saskatchewan. Or, if I stayed in Michigan, I could go to Greenfield. I guess.
Large groups of stupid people tend to start doing stupid things.
i probably wouldn't stay put in a place for to long. I would get out of my area as soon as possible and contact everyone i know, if i get responses i would organize a place to meet then head as far north as possible and try and get to a scotish island where me and my friends can live until it all blows over..... or you know ill go to the pub and wait for it all to blow over


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