yep. Title says it all. Post the video that you are most proud of, show us your talent.

I'm between two videos; my blacklight video and my mustache video. I think I'll go with my blacklight video...

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This took about three hours worth of editing despite being so simple so I'm proud that I finished it.

trying to this competetion so i win the money for vidcon uk - best video ive done so far, it's not perfect but i love it.

I did this skit for a convention called Leadership Training for Christ. I got the Closed Captions as well as I could. This is not a traditional skit. Once you watch it, you'll know why.


This is the last video I made, and it is my favorite! I quite like it, and am proud.

I made this as one of my first videos and it was a little shaky but I liked to concept. Random Outfits.

This is a school project that me and several of my friends worked on. 

Click To Add Text (short movie)

I liked the simplicity. I want to do more video's like these!

This was a response to Self Portrait, Im really proud of it :)

I'm proud of all of my videos. Please check them out and subscribe! :)

This is my most recent video, it was a test of my editing skills and I'm pretty proud of it.


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