Hey! This is just a place to post your chanels and attempt to get more subscribers on youtube.:)
I''ll start.

Please check us it and I will be happy to see your videos.

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I make some daily videos! Just finished number 14! I think they are cute and funny, and I love feedback! I also love to check out other peoples videos too! So if you comment, I will make sure to check out your channel! :)  My primary channel that's shifted towards a vlogging debate focus, and maybe teaching some random things as I go on. My gaming channel, starting to play minecraft and happy wheels!  

So check them out guys!  Wednesday I'm posting a video about how Poland seemingly saved Europe from Communism for 20 years after WW1, so I hope you guys like that!

Hi!  I'm Devin and am new to vlogging so pardon my inexperience!  ;)

I started making comedy based video blogs about my life about 2 months ago, any feedback would be loved!

Youtube yay!

I'm ginger, Scottish, and I vlog and play music and engage in general tomfoolery. I'd appreciate it muchly if you would have a look. I just reached 100 subscribers and it's all very exciting. You should also introduce yourself and we can be friends or something. 


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