Hello! I have recently created a game called Postage. The idea of the game is to collect the growing number of virtual Nerdfighterian stamps like this one:

You play by finding stamps on the ning or receiving stamps in messages, emails etc. Then sending messages to your friends with the HTML image code to send them the stamp. If you send someone a stamp, you can keep one yourself and start a Nerdfighter Stamp Collection. Anyone can either design a stamp to be included or request a stamp design from the postmaster (me), but if you design one you have to have it verified by me before sending it.

HTML image code:

You can find some in discussions and as comments on profiles, photos or groups or receive them in a Ning mail from your friends. If you find one, you can either keep it for yourself to make it rarer, or spread it around in Ning mails to your friends.

EDIT: It is against the rules to search for postage to find the stamps.

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Every single Stamp (Unvalidated versions):

This excludes the free ones:

Did you know that some of the validation stamps contain coded messages!

For example, this one:

has "Maureen" written as the letters are on a phone.
I'm afraid I don't quite understand how you're supposed to collect them.
Well, you can find them across the site or receive them in a Ning mail from your friends.
You can find some in disscusions and as comments on profiles, photos or groups.
i like this idea a lot =]. sounds fun
Thank you Gamgey. Have you found any stamps yet?
that i have not =[. but i'll keep looking.
Guess what?
Chip, A Ningmaster, has featured this discussion.

Anyone want a hint?

Well, no, not yet.

Ahhh! Hide it!
Great idea, Raxacalafalapatorius.


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