What are some of the things you mostly enjoy to procrastinate on? What do hate to procrastinate on? Why do you think this happens?

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Well I'll make a top10 list..

Thats was funny
What did we become un-united? wtf?
oh apparently I already responded to this thread. lul.
Schoolwork. It is currently Sunday night, at 6:07 pm, and I have yet to start my homework.


just part of big procrastination nation I suppose.
Haha i see you there
I procrastinate on everything. Right now, I'm supposed to be writing my script for Screnzy (a 100 page script in the month of April). I've gotten five pages done, and it's already the sixth. I fail.

I haven't done any homework tonight (though none of it is due tomorrow) and even things I like doing, like reading, I can never find the time to do. I waste time going on the same random sites checking for updates.

I'm going to stop procrastinating and go write that damn script. See you in a bit probably.
Screnzy? Sounds like something I'd like to do.
It's fun. If you actually have the time to sit and write and don't get easily distracted.
...did i mention school lol haha
Studying. I'm okay with other schoolwork, but I always put off studying for as long as is humanly possible. Although I honestly do find that I do better if I study the night before/morning of... not that studying earlier too would hurt... but whatever.

That and cleaning my room.
Hahaha yeah studying never helped me...


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