HI Nerdfighters.

The month of December I did a little personal project called Be Nice To A Stranger. For 31 days I did something nice to brighten people's days. From buying coffee for the guys behind me to paying for medication for the man who couldn't afford it to telling 150 about puppy sized elephants.

The whole thing was pretty cool. It was easy, quick and I know of 227 people I directly made an impact on.

As soon as I stopped making the slightest effort to be nice to people, I turned into... well me again. Cranky.

I've decided to start it up again.

But this Time I want to ask for more help. I'm going to ask that through the month of February people do 7 nice things for people and write them down.

It's a pretty amazing experience.

I asked for help from Nerdfights to come up with ideas and you guys were great. So I figured I would ask again if anyone wanted to help out.

To do nice things for the month of December EVERY Day took me a grand total of 3 hours and 12 minutes. For the Mathy Nerdfighters out there, that .04% of the entire month.

Any nerdfigters wanna be nice to strangers?

I'm calling the second time around Project Nice. Because it's a project and it's nice. I'm a genius.

if you're interested in helping out in any way, please comment below and I'll get you information.

AWESOME NEWS!  I AM EXTENDING PROJECT NICE!!! It has been SUCH A HUGE SUCCESS!   Half of the people who signed up were Nerdfighters. 

If you would like to do Project Nice 2.0 All you have to do is e-mail me.

You will be asked to do 7 nice things in a month and write them up.  I will e-mail you the format, tips and tricks and TWO reminder e-mails. 

Thank you so much, Nerdfighters are the best people on the planet.

e-mail me a

Thank you again!

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e-mails were sent out today.
This is such an awesome idea! I'd love to do this!

I think you are awesome. I would be honoured to join if it is still going on! :D

Keep spreading smiles


(o and your blod is awesome too!)


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