I am kind of on the fence about this. What do you think?

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I am pretty sure that in Australia brothels are legal, but there are a lot of problems with illegal immigration of young women and girls from asia through criminal organisations that are literally kept as slaves. but these brothels are illegal, the problem is that even if all brothels were illegal, these places would still exist.

Legal brothels are a bit of a state by state issue, and I'm not sure legal is the correct word.  Turning a blind eye to it and decriminalisation are probably more apt descriptions.  Just like with abortion; in all states in Australia it is still covered by the crimes acts.  But they don't usually prosecute, and in a few places there are clinics operating as legal sexual health facilities. In both cases it's a bit of a "who's the boss" situation. Could be meandering along without any trouble for a decade and then a new politician comes in and decides they're going to pull up an old law that hasn't been enforced in the previous reign, but they can only do it with loop holes, like the make X legal which in effect makes the act legal, but X isn't actually the act itself (its a related condition that enables the act)...if that makes any sense, you could make a killing as a lawyer....

Doctors daughter it should be legal. If it was women wouldn t need pimps at least I don t think they would. In either case as long as its done betweeen two concenting adults its their business (literaly)  no matter if money changes hands or not.

Lonely guys need lovin too. And we ALL pay for it in the end.

And we ALL pay for it in the end.




Umm, maybe that it involves a lot of courtship on our behalf, not so much on theirs. Gifts might be involed... I dont't know what he meant, but that's how I interprit it.

Courtship is mutually voluntary. In a healthy relationship, you court someone, they reciprocate because of you. Your characteristics, your personality, and how it relates to/compliments their own traits. Not because of money you spent on them.

I can't say I disagree with you as far as relationships go. Courtship and confirmation of affection are definitely something worth doing for both parties in a relationship. Many couples seem to struggle with this though, as their years together goes by.


But I was not so much speaking of how it should be, rather the way it maybe is (from an ignorant ass's point of view). The act of getting someone to bed for instance, strictly in the shallowest sense, does seem to require a bit more effort on our part, than it does for them. They know what we want and can just sit on it until the right man comes along. That's perfectly within their right of course, I'm just saying ;)


Some men are so eager to impress that they definitely overdo it. But some women (not a lot) seem to be impressed by displays of wealth, so these guys are usually successful in the end. Other men are so unsure of themselves that they won't even try to get a one night stand. Some would rather pay for a prostitute. (There are probably women out there, who would like to pay for prostitutes too). Some men are simply born with enough good looks and slick talk to slide right in, given that they manage to hide their rotten personalities for a couple of hours. Most men of course wouldn't belong excessively in either of these groups though, just as women have different behaviors and preferences as well.


I'm aware that all this might have made me sound like a total perv, but it's only an excerpt take on how things appear to be as far as meaningless sex go. I'm not a player, and it's not a personal goal of mine to have a lot of sex. If anything, I should probably make a little more effort, but I belong in the uncomfortable category as far as my own sexuality goes. I don't see anything wrong with having a lot of sex if it's available to you. That applies to women as well. I have no prejudices when it comes to this as long as we're talking adult-adult consensual sex. I have no moral problems with prostitution in itself. I don't see why it should be any of my business.

I think it absolutely should be legal,  my parents worked in one of the legal brothels in Nevada and their is a huge difference in the quality and the lives of those girls opposed to the girls on the street. In brothels drug use if prohibited and tested for, Condoms are a must, the girls health is taken into consideration and their safety is a priority. not to mention the taxes that could be used from such a lucrative industry could do wonders financially.   Morally If a person is opposed to prostitution then they shouldn't visit prostitutes, just like any other morally questionable activity.  It's not like is a new thing either, Its the worlds oldest profession so why not make in legal? 

"Yes, and if we're opposed to murder, we shouldn't murder. And if we're opposed to stealing etc. Not an argument. Sometimes, the state recognises that a practice is mortally wrong to the point of needing to be criminalised."


I think that the distinction comes in where people's rights are infringed upon. Murder should be criminalizes because it infringes on a person's right to life. Stealing violates somebody's right to private property. However, consensual prostitution does not infringe on anybody's rights and therefore falls into the category of "morally questionable but ought not be criminalized".

Its not that the state wants the Girls doing it illegally to suffer its that the lives of the girls doing it legally are that much better, With regulation comes drug and std testing, security and Taxes,  these are all good things.   

"Yes, and if we're opposed to murder, we shouldn't murder. And if we're opposed to stealing etc. Not an argument. Sometimes, the state recognises that a practice is mortally wrong to the point of needing to be criminalised."

Please tell me how Prostitution hurts anyone when both parties are of legal age and willing? prostitution is not murder, and its not stealing its selling a physical act for money. What I meant about not doing it if you find it morally wrong is the same as not Going to a porn website if you find it wrong or not eating meat when you find it wrong, these are guidelines based solely on ones own belief system and a state should not govern the masses based on the belief system of one group. I know plenty of people who are a ok with prostitution even though they would never engage in it themselves. 


As for the worlds oldest profession your basing this of the Idea that there were no "jobs" before people settled into cities, but even in non-monetary nomadic society the trade of sex for goods was pretty common. 

I have never really appreciated this argument. The job of the police when it is illegal is to find and shut down illegal brothels when it is criminalised. The way you are saying it, you make it seem as though the state wants the prostitutes in these illegal brothels to suffer. 

I don't know about "want" but from where I'm sitting, that is the effect of forcing prostitution into back alleys.  Having a supporting community of fellow workers, regulations and trade unions to prevent exploitation, education about STIs and protection from violent 'clientele' are just some of the  benefits of allowing people to do sex work indoors.  Criminalising brothels has the opposite effect.

On the other hand, there are plenty of examples of brothels exploiting their workers. Note, regulations allowing for trade union representation may help reduce some of this, or at least provide an outlet for recourse should it happen anyway.


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