I am kind of on the fence about this. What do you think?

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An individual selling his/her body is legal. Organising it as an industry (Brothels, advertisements etc) should be illegal.

In your country maybe. Not legal here.

Erm, your from the UK. I'm from the UK.


In the UK it is legal to make a consentual arrangement to exchange sexual services for money. What is illegal is advertising, soliciting, organising, industrialising or representing.

Maybe if it were taxed and regulated? Possibly akin to the argument concerning legalisation of recreational drugs.

It doesn't hurt anybody when it's legal but it does when it's illegal since the girls can't report rape or any other form of abuse they suffer. I'm all for legalizing it. 

Selling sex may not, but the commodification of individuals by someone other than themselves does. So I'm all for not prosecuting prostitutes for selling themselves, but as an organised industry, it should be stopped.

Can you clarify what you mean by "industry" exactly?

Having employers and marketing etc.

What if everyone is in it consentingly?


Also, as an industry, can't you regulate it?

I don't do it, so I have no opinion on the topic, just so long as no one forces their opinion on me.

Vertigo here in the States its illegal. I wish it wasnt. It just clogs up the jails and ties up the cops. You didn t explain why is having a pimp and advertising so bad?

Twisted fire starter online noone can force their opinion  on you. You can always ignore the comments. I thought this was for discussing stuff. Otherwise why did you bother logging on. Or did I misunderstand you?



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