A few of us have agreed that this is a great punishment. Just vote yes or no on this. If you vote no suggest another punishment as extensive as the one below and it should be EMBARRASSING NOT PAINFUL. oh and remember the Yeti still has veto power.
Thanks! :) DFTBA
**if the poll gets 52% no then we will come up with a new one and that will be voted on
Operation Punishment
1. Dressed as Gus do interpretive dance in front of a theater before a showing of new moon on opening night. (or as close to opening night as possible)
2. When finished with his dance, he must take off costume to reveal his i <3 sparkly vampires/ unicorns hoodie and shirt and go all fangirly with a bunch of people till the movie starts
3. When the movie is over he has to say 2 things liked about the movie (neither of which can be leaving or the end or the credits or anything to that nature)
*all of it has to be filmed and at least a piece of each part needs to be in a video the next day unless Hank has already said he is doing that day in his previous video

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uh, i like this punishment idea (def embarrassing enough) but i feel it may be too extensive. like, its def way too much that john prob wont do it, even if it gets voted in...?

i think even if he just does #1 (interpretive dance) and films all of the people's reactions, that would be hilarious.
he should do the cinnamon test!
its horrible:P

it shudnt involve twilight movies. ever.
think the punishment should be as fallows...

find a youtuber who has very few subscribers, a few low veiw count, (one who would otherwise be considered boring, who you stop paying attention to within the first 30 seconds of the video, you all know the kind of youtuber i am talking about) and john should watch ALL of this person's videos from the first uploaded to the last. while recording himself, and post a time edit video so we all know he did it.
84% yes... Seems like this is happening... But when?? (It's going to be hilarious! ^_^)
im closing the vote at like 12 or 1 CST (im not sure when i get out of lunch) so then ill send him the punishment so when ever he gets it all together :)
Darn, too late? I was going to say:
I think we should get the best ideas and pool those together. Have him busk/sing "I'm not Edward Cullen" outside a New Moon theatre in the I <3 Sparkly Vampires hoodie, while wearing a Unicorn mask? The black/purple one looked better in my opinion.

Also, to those who wanted to see the Yeti, I have one better - I want to see John draw her! We don't have to see her, it could just be a simple drawing of the mythological creature. It's a simple idea, but it makes me smile :)

Anyways, DFTBA !
i like the whole having to go to new moon with an i<3 sparkly vampire t-shirt or something "little girlie" from twilight or new moon. that would be very embarrassing. this is a very good idea.
i just dont get the whole dressing up as gus part. i mean it doesnt seem to fit in. not that it is a bad idea.
also i dont know if he would be be able to get an opening night ticket. haha that stuff sells out fast.
but i vote dressing up in some way having to do with twilight - glitter included- and publicly expressing his love of the series on camera.
Come on guys, don't make him sit through New Moon...far too cruel... XD
The whole point is John's been having too much pain and not enough humiliation - let's pass that one over to Hank, eh?
sounds like a good idea
have you noticed that trend that all of John's punishments are painful and Hanks punishments tend to be embarassing?

anywho, i figured that maybe we should punish Hank twice as John's punishment, make John feel guilty that his brother has to suffer twice instead of once.
Exactly, John has pain, Hank has humiliation, which is why i'm all for swapping that around! However, 2 Hank punishments? that is REALLY unfair on him, and most of the people in this topic are set on seing John in a I <3 Sparkly Vampires t-shirt or unicorn outfit. Plus, i'm guessing that John would simply love watching his little brother perform embarrassing/painful things - not really a punishment for him, more like a treat :-/


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