A few of us have agreed that this is a great punishment. Just vote yes or no on this. If you vote no suggest another punishment as extensive as the one below and it should be EMBARRASSING NOT PAINFUL. oh and remember the Yeti still has veto power.
Thanks! :) DFTBA
**if the poll gets 52% no then we will come up with a new one and that will be voted on
Operation Punishment
1. Dressed as Gus do interpretive dance in front of a theater before a showing of new moon on opening night. (or as close to opening night as possible)
2. When finished with his dance, he must take off costume to reveal his i <3 sparkly vampires/ unicorns hoodie and shirt and go all fangirly with a bunch of people till the movie starts
3. When the movie is over he has to say 2 things liked about the movie (neither of which can be leaving or the end or the credits or anything to that nature)
*all of it has to be filmed and at least a piece of each part needs to be in a video the next day unless Hank has already said he is doing that day in his previous video

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that isn't unfair. it is technically John's punishment, but Hank is bearing it for him, isn't that what true family does for each other?

and i'm sure John would make a good performance on making it seem like he doesn't like to see his baby brother get punished again.



we make Hank's punishment SO painful that John would feel very guilty over it, like how Hank made John try to wax his beard, Hank felt a great deal of guilt over that, especially after discovering that waxing the face could rip off whole chunks of skin 'n such.

*yeah i know, i'm increasing worldsuck right now... sorry... ;_;
Sounds good, but I think you're too late... maybe next time!
meh... i'll keep it in mind and try to bring it up again if one of them gets punished again. maybe have a good three point argument that states the benefits and addresses the possible qualms people may have. ^_~

thanks for the support!
i love the punishment hank has to do now. it is so amazing
it was a stroke of genius, i must admit. i wonder if John came up with it or if it was suggested to him?
yes i have noticed that. and Hank was saying how no one was leaving punishments for john but they are all here. lol and i added a comment to the video when he said that saying all of johns punishments are painful and all of his involve glitter lol


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