I think that a good punishment idea is for one of the brothers to watch all of the twilight movies, in one sitting.  Any other suggestions?

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Eating an entire bottle of cinnamon (it can be done)

Drinking an entire gallon of milk (can be done, will vomit)

Get 50 People to sign a petition to ban Dihydrogen Oxide. (water)

Dress up as an old woman and require assistance in some mundane task.

Give away 100 tickets to a dead persons concert (Elvis, Micheal Jackson, you get the idea)

Crawl at least 2 blocks on hands and knees

So. Many. More.

Get 50 People to sign a petition to ban Dihydrogen Oxide. (water)

I LOVE THAT ONE!!! I must put that on my list. ;)

Dihydrogen Monoxide :D


John should have to stand somewhere, in a busy public place, and offer Free Hugs (with a sign, of course). Or, for a penny. Or, he should have to dress up as a mad scientist and go to a busy public forum and teach 20 minutes of science to all the strangers and passersby. Or, some other ridiculous costume and give some other form of public performance like a choreographed dance or something - because he is just SOOO fond of his basement!


Hank should have to create a 1.5 minute stop-motion video using the toys and stuffed animals inside his house (the ferret and obi wan must be included, maybe even a corn dog) promoting the cause of his choice.

Or, maybe he should have to choreograph a dance to a song of NerdFighters' choosing (and make a video of himself doing it) so that John can then learn that dance and perform it in public!

one cent hugs!
I think hank should jumprope around missoula dressed as helen hunt while singing the helen hunt song

Punishment for John: Having to do an entire video with one of Henry's pacifiers in his mouth.

Punishment for Hank: Having to sing an entire video.

OH! OH! In Spring (this point is vitally important) the brother being punished would have to put feline mating hormones on themselves and walk through town. They might get mauled by a pack of cats, but dangit, it would be hilarious. I don't know where they'd get the hormones, though.
They should

two months of daily videos :)

Punishment: john should narrate the audiobook for TFioS


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