I think that a good punishment idea is for one of the brothers to watch all of the twilight movies, in one sitting.  Any other suggestions?

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#1. As Abreo said, paying entirely in pennies is more of a punishment for the cashier than John.
I know it's cheesy, but what if we made John dress up in a ballerina leotard with fairy wings and so dancing on the street giving free hugs... Now, who wouldn't want to see that? :)) haha. Too cheesy?
As to punishment's, I have a few Ideas. 

For John: A choice. Either play Portal 2, all the way through, with only 3 mercy "HOW DO I DO THIS" calls to Hank for the entire game, or learn one of Hank's songs on guitar--one without chords given in a video, and no mercy calls.

For Hank: Cross stitch. Enough said. Or, stand on the street to the day, and ask for only pennies. Nothing else. He can't accept dollars, quarters, nickels, Yen, anything except pennies. Then at the end of the day, retreat back indoors (SAFETY!) and count them all/go to a store and buy something entirely with the pennies earned. 

These are really awesome ideas!! John playing portal would be really entertaining :)
I love those songs :P
I would love to see Hank sing The Nations of the World. That would be a sight to see. xD
Seconded! We ought to start a "Get Hank to sing The Nations of the World as a Punishment" petition.
I second Lily!
Hank didn't post a video, so WE GET TO PUNISH HIM! I think we should make hank do this Punishment!
YES make Hank do this!


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