Hi! I am a relatively new nerdfighter and i have been wonder something ever since i have become made of awesome. How did all of you other nerdfighters find out about nerdfighters. I would like to hear your stories. I think that this could be interesting and I think it could help us to figure out how to get the word out and get more nerdfighters and if we get more nerdfighters we will decrece world suck. I will tell my story first as an example.

Now I have never been a big youtube person but my friend showed me a video of Jon Cozart. It was Harry Potter in 99 seconds. I really liked it so I wanted to subscribe to his channel but to do that I had to make an account. So I subscribed to him and after a while I saw that youtube suggested channels for me. On there was charlieissocoollike. So I watched his videos and subscribed to him cause i liked his videos and they made me laugh. Then I saw that youtube and Charlie suggested this channel called Nerds Unite. So I was like ok i will check then out. So I started watching their videos and after a while i was like wait I know who John Green is!!!!! He wrote Paper Towns!!!! I love that book!!! And you can see where that went from there. I watched like all their videos and joined nerdfighters and here I am.

So please share your story.



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Hi hannah! Im kinda new to nerdfighteria too. I found the vlogbrothers because i was subscribed to alot of nerdfighters on youtube without even trying. I was following wheezywaiter, charlieissocoollike, booksandquills, michaelaranda. I guess awesome attracts awesome ;) anyway, i always heard them mention john and hank. sanne (booksandquills) even vlogs many nerdfighter gatherings. So finally i had to check them out and i was hooked!

Greetings fellow Earthlings! I am also a bit of a newbie (although I've been watching the Vlogbrothers for a while now), and I agree that it would be good to see how this community grew. I began watching because Nerdfighters sat at the top of charlieissocoollike's 'enjoyable content' list, although it took me a while to pluck up the courage to check it out, as I thought it mainly involved computery nerds, of which I am certainly not one.

Looks like Charlie has been responsible for a lot of Nerdfighters. We're lucky to have him!

I was searching youtube and found a vlogbrother video. Not sure which one.
I hear about John and Hank through my little bro. I then heard about Nerdfighteria through the Vlogbros :]
Charlie McDonnell <3
Well so far it looks like most people found the ning/vlogbrothers/being a nerdfighter though friends and family or charlie or a mixture of the two. that makes sense since charlie has a huge fan base and lots of people see that he is a nerdfighter and friends and family make sense because that how we find out a lot of stuff. i also think that john books could make a lot of nerdfighters if they knew about john being a nerdfighter because i could have become a nerdfighter earlier if i had read the back of paper towns. so yeah thoughts from other people about this. :) thanks.
I got linked to a video on a forum.


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