Question of the day! What are you going to be for Halloween?

I am going to me moaning myrtle, or dr.horrible.

^^ I actually turned out to be Luna Lovegood last year!


I have no idea what I am being this year though.

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I'm going as a generic-yet-discolicious alien. Green skin, antennae, shiny dress, bumpit in the hair (I mean, what is an alien without a deformed-looking head?!?!?!), shiny boots, metallic gloves, etc. I think it'll be fun and kinda cute.
sounds amazing !
I desperately want to go as an internet meme, but I realize the average person wouldn't really know most of them. So, I'm not sure. Maybe I'll be Socially Awkward Penguin. I wouldn't even need to pretend to be socially awkward.
Be the Socially Awkward Penguin!
THAT would be amazing.
Agreed. It would be amazing.
I'll go as Dr. Horrible again. I need to remake my freeze ray and I have yet to find good boots for it. I found some shrimper boots but they didn't ship to Texas.
Do you have the goggles??
I do my dad owns a plumbing and AC company so I have the welding gloves and goggles (which I spray painted silver). And I just found the boots. If you look on my page I have a picture from last year. I was working with food though so I don't have the gloves on.
dr horrible would be soo awesome to go as.
For me i'm probably going to be a hogwarts student of some sort. Or Ramona from Scott Pilgrim!
Ramona is awesome! You should totally go as her :D
Ramona flowers or an untransformed wearwolf.


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