Question of the day! What are you going to be for Halloween?

I am going to me moaning myrtle, or dr.horrible.

^^ I actually turned out to be Luna Lovegood last year!


I have no idea what I am being this year though.

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Ohhh! those are both coolio!
I'm going to be me, finally! I have to dress up for all the other 355 days of the year. =P
That would be fantastic if you dressed up for the other 355 instead!
I have a school thing coming up in which we all have to wear fancy dress everyday of the week based on different themes. This years are holiday day (in the americain sense i.e. christmas, halloween ect...), fictional day, steryotypical england, goodies and badies and carnavil.
I only know one of my costumes though - goodies and badies I'm going as bellatrix. The others, I'm stuck.

Sounds like a fun week!

Bellatrix is perfect for that.

I don't know if they celebrate halloween at my school...

but probably something simple, so i dont have to drag a lot of clothes to my dorm...i dont have the space :/
aw, that's too bad. bet is was awesome anyway!
pikachu :D
That would be amazing !
DO IT. I want pictures.
im thinking of being a time lady or a slytherin.
both of those are totally awesome!


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