Question of the day! What are you going to be for Halloween?

I am going to me moaning myrtle, or dr.horrible.

^^ I actually turned out to be Luna Lovegood last year!


I have no idea what I am being this year though.

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I'm going to be Luna, or a gryffindor(since i don't have a ravenclaw tie, or scarf, or ANYTHING), or Greece from Hetalia....

or MAYBE I'll just randomly go through my costumes and pick something totally random, like devil horns and a cape or something :P
I was a devil one year...

It's it :D

Though I like the hp costumes too... :D :D :D
I am being Luna too !
I think Margot Tenebaum, if I can find a fur(ish) coat for a good price second hand.

Failing that...I'm not sure. I usually end up doing something last minute, but it has always been awesome.
Oh!!! Fantastic idea!
A fairy!!

Mostly because it's cheap. I can just buy wings are wear a dress I already have.
Awesome! Fairies are coolio.
This year I'm going as a Slytherin student, which is odd because you're SUPPOSED to go in costume for Halloween.

Next year, though, I'm going as a plague doctor. I can't do that this year, though, because I really want to get my mask for that in Italy, and I'm not going until this summer.

Harry Potter <3

and yes! Going as a plague doctor would be interesting indeed!

this year it might be jenny from doctor who. I have the tshirt and the pants. i just need a belt and a gun. and blond hair.
Jenny is awesome, you should totally be her!
I'm going to be Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time!


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