Question of the day! What are you going to be for Halloween?

I am going to me moaning myrtle, or dr.horrible.

^^ I actually turned out to be Luna Lovegood last year!


I have no idea what I am being this year though.

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Adventure Time <3
My friend is being Princess Bubblegum <3 hahaha It's so cute.

I'm going to be Fionna!

I'm going as 11th Doctor and my friend is going as Spok. We will be legendary. 

In a related post: Does anyone have a bow tie?

Go to a thrift store! :D
I've tried going to second hand shops, but I don't fear. There is still 20 something days until Halloween. I hope that people will realize that bow ties are and always were, in fact, cool.

Awesome! I went as the 10th doctor to a nerdfighter gathering last month and it actually felt suprisingly natural and comfortable to me. (: Bowties are easy to get in second hand shops. Most cities have at least 2-5 of them, so try the Interwebz for more second hand shops.

I got a bow tie. I had to convince my mum that my dad can wear it on weddings and other special occasions and convince my sister that I'm definitively not going as a fairy or a princess. Fez should be easy to get, because they were really popular here in past, so I'm almost done. I just need a party to attend.
Excellent idea!

YES 11TH DOCTOR! You mean Spock!? They are both amazing and nerdtastic. 

Bow ties are cool. 

Ups, typo :)


you can make one

i dont know how but you can find instructions online :)


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