So I'm really annoyed at myself for sucking really hard at university. I'm really apathetic so I barely ever go, I don't put too much effort into my essays for English Lit etc. But I put so much effort into my writing and I'm just failing it miserably. Well, okay. I'm getting low 2:2s (like a C- grade) and it's really upsetting. I'm supposed to be a good writer.

My tutor said I write like an abstract 1930's modernist... and apparently that's a bad thing. She says I need to make my work more accessible to the world, and things like that. I don't really know what to think about that. I would just hate to think that I'm a terrible writer and the one thing I have in my life that's properly mine is just... bad.

I guess it doesn't help that my friends who have no real interest in writing keep writing about their travelling and then getting it published in newspapers like the Guardian and the Times (big ones). I guess maybe I do just suck at writing and my tutors are right. Maybe I am just incredibly average.

I'm mostly posting this here because my friends read my blog and they'll want to turn round and tell me that I'm not a terrible writer and blah blah blah. I need some stranger to read something of mine and just tell me straight off whether it's terrible or okay.

Anyone want to do that for me?

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If you write like an abstract 1930s modernist you probably aren't teribble, not at all. As your teacher said, the "problem" probably is that your writing perhaps is too complicated, in lack of a better word, for most people, like for those who haven't stopped reading since the minute they learnt, which could be a problem depening on how you see it. I mean in your general essay writing it could be a problem, in my experience essays should be written with a more straightforward language, than what you use when writing a novella. Perhaps you need to relax when you write, instead of trying too hard. Let it come naturally, if that's the problem that is.

...don't let your grades or your teacher keep you from writing! You should keep to your personal style. Not all authors write books that everyone loves. That's the great part, there're many different kinds of books out there. But of course, if it keeps you from getting the grades you really deserve, you should talk to your teacher and really discuss what you "need" to change. I bet it isn't much, and if adapt your writing when it comes to university essays it doesn't mean you should change it completely and forever.

It feels like I contradict myself with every sentence. Alas, I hope you can find something useful with my reply. I'm happy to read something of your work If it pleases you. (As you perhaps have noticed, I'm not a native English speaker, but I should be able to give you qualified feedback :)) )


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