Follow these instructions! No, your crush's name will not appear on the screen, but something good will happen. :D Don't make a wish, or anything, though. It won't come true. This isn't a stupid chain mail, I'm a nerdfighter. Why would I do that? It's COOL.


1.) Make sure your number pad is turned on. (Laptop users: If you don't have one, wait until you go to a friend's house who does. It's worth it.)


2.) Get on Youtube.


3.) Click on any video. It doesn't matter. The video isn't important. (Although you could give Hank and John more views. :D)


4.) Do something to make the buffering dots appear.


5.) As soon as they appear, start pushing the arrow keys on the number pad.


6.) FRENCH THE LLAMA! Watch the magic happen before your eyes!


If you actually thought I'd tell you what happens, you're crazy. People who know what happens: Confirm the awesome, but don't tell anyone details about what happens. It won't harm your computer in any way, but this definitely decreases world suck.


HINT: I'm fairly certain that this trick was developed so users could be entertained while waiting on their videos to load.

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Bahaha! That's fricken awesome! xD
I did it and nothing happened...
Were you using a laptop, and, if so, do you have access to a desktop? If you do, try it on that and it's almost certain to work.
What are we supposed to be looking for? Because I saw nothing.
EDIT: I have a laptop. That's probably why it didn't work for me.
Yes. Sadly, the friend who told me about this just recently realized the ratio of laptops that can support this to the ones that cannot is disproportioned. The highest number being the ones that do not support it. :( Sorry. You can still try it the next time you're around a desktop.
If I remember when I go to my friend's house, I'll try it.
omg! thats so fun!!!
That's sooooooo awesome!!!!!! whoaaaaaa
My friend, Neal, is actually the one who told me about this/told me to make it known. He has just informed me that the amount of laptops that this little trick works on has been, during his "tests," significantly lower than the number of laptops it does not work on. I'm sorry, laptop users. It will most likely work with a desktop. We haven't had problems with those as of yet, so the next time you're at a friend/family member's house and have access to a desktop, try it out again if you'd like.
Fail troll is a fail.
No, it's really not a troll. I promise. It just doesn't work on some computers apparently. ^^; Sorry about that. I didn't know. It actually does do something amazing, though... Well, when it works.


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